Sunday, 2 August 2015

Home Haul

In the last few weeks I've accumulated some items that all fit under the "home" category, so I thought I'd do a little home haul. Most of the items I picked up are for decorative purposes and are currently scattered all around my room. Decoratively.

The purchase that I'm most excited about from this haul has to be the Rituals Under a Fig Tree candle. I've wanted to try Rituals for a really long time now as I keep hearing great things, however despite my best efforts I'd been unable to locate a Rituals counter anywhere in Zurich. I ended up (very unexpectedly) finding this in the Locarno Globus and loved it right away. The scent is light and fruity in a way that isn't overpowering. I have yet to put this candle to the test so I will let you know how I get along with it!

Whilst I was at the market in Ascona, I spotted a stall selling loads of beautifully hand-made cloths and picked up this blue and white striped one. It's very large which initially put me off, however I think it'll look great as a throw. The silver plate I found in Coop City in Zurich. They have a great variety of very basic and understated home bits for very affordable prices - big thumbs up from me!

These last three bits were all purchased with the intention of storing things like bobby pins, hair-ties, rings and so forth, which seem to always either go missing or turn up in unexpected places! The copper tea-light holder at the very back I also located in Coop City. They currently have a section of gorgeous copper homeware. It took more willpower than I'm comfortable admitting to stop myself from buying it all. The pink tea-light holder and the baby blue bowl I also bought in the Locarno Globus. Globus has amazing homeware but unfortunately it is on the pricier side so I don't shop there as often. Although having a browse through their website can make any student want to forget their budget and splurge!

So those are all the home bits I've purchased recently. In hindsight, I think it's probably a good thing I don't live alone yet because I definitely still need supervision when it comes to not excessively buying tea-light holders!



  1. LOVE this home haul. In love with the little blue bowl!


  2. Pretty home hauls ever, love the handmade cloth

    Extraordinary Diary

  3. All the stuff you bought looks amazing! I love that bowl x
    I've recently started my own blog and would love it if you could just take a minute to check it out :)


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