Saturday, 8 August 2015

My 5 Current Favourite Essie Polishes: Summer

From left to right: Blanc, Chillato, Hubby for Dessert, Romper Room and Watermelon.

I am what you could call a keen nail polish collector. Or, you know, a nail polish hoarder, whatever you prefer. Essie is one of my favourite brands for nail colours, because their formula is good and their shade range is the bees knees. They have pastels, brights, glitters, you name it, they do it. Over the years I've built up quite the collection, so I thought I'd show you five of the colours that I'm currently loving.

1. Blanc - This is your bog-standard, full-on white nail colour. Whilst this isn't the most exciting choice, it's a white that actually goes opaque after two coats, without the dreaded Tipp-Ex effect on the nails. Before I was kindly gifted this, I'd tried many a white nail polish in the hopes of it being the one, but to no avail. So this is definitely a winner for me when I want a simple white manicure.

2. Chillato - This is a new addition to my stash, it's one of the shades in the Summer 2015 collection. I've only had this one for a month or so, but as soon as I bought it, it was all I wore on my nails for weeks. When it started to chip, I would just take it off and repaint the same colour on - repeat manicures: that's when you know it's a favourite! This shade is unlike any other in my collection and not at all a colour I would normally gravitate towards, but it's such a unique shade and looks great on the nails. It also reminds me of a lime Callipo lolly - very summery indeed. 

3. Hubby for Dessert - The shade of this polish is described as a "sheer candied lilac" - sheer being the operative word. Read: this polish is a bit of a pain in the rear to apply, it takes three coats to really get an even colour and the nail is still ever so slightly visible underneath. It is, however, a lovely shade and a great neutral, barely-there option, unsurprising seeings as this was a part of the recent 2015 Essie bridal nail collection. It's a great pastel for the summer and I've been loving it for when I don't want anything too bright or crazy on my nails.

4. Romper Room - This is another neutral pick from one of the Essie collections last year (it is still available on their website, but I don't think you can still get it in store - sorry!). It's a very pale pastel pink shade - something Essie are well known for - and it goes opaque in two to three coats. Of all my pale pink nail colours I reach for this one the most. There's something about the shade that makes nails look feminine whilst still retaining a certain elegance.

5. Watermelon - This shade is a classic and definitely a favourite for many people. Last summer this nail colour was basically all I wore and my bottle of this is well over half-empty! I normally really don't seek out hot pinks for nails, but this is no ordinary fuchsia shade. It's somewhere between a red and a pink (it leans slightly more red) and is a really great colour for the hotter months. As an added bonus, this shade goes opaque in only one coat - what more could you want? 

On that note, I'm off to repaint my nails! What are some of your favourite Essie nail polish shades?



  1. Blanc is definitely one of my favorites too! In fact, I usually go through a bottle a year since I wear it almost every day in the summer!

    - Elodie x

    1. I totally agree, Blanc is such a great summer nail polish shade! xo

  2. Hubby for Dessert is definitely my favorite!!

  3. This is such a pretty post, and I love the look of Hubby for Dessert! I haven't seen a colour like that anywhere actually.


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I think Hubby for Dessert is a really unique colour! xo

  4. Chillato looks like such a unique colour!
    xxx Claire

    1. Chillato really is a very unique colour and it's so flattering. I think that's why I've been wearing it so often! xo


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