Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

From left to right: Lady Danger, Coral Bliss, Peach Blossom, Velvet Teddy and Rebel.

So, I have a major thing for lip products. At any given time, you'll probably find anywhere from 7 to 10 lip related products floating around in my handbag. Seriously - I have to have a clear-out at the end of every week - my bag gets heavy. One of my favourite brands for lip products (or more specifically lipsticks) is MAC. They have such a massive shade range, it's difficult not to find something that you love. They also carry pretty much every formula, so there's something in there for everyone. Seeing as MAC lipsticks are amongst some of my all-time favourites, I thought I'd share my top five picks from their range!

1. Lady Danger - This is one of the matte lipstick formulas, and one I took a very long time to gather the courage to buy - as odd as that sounds. I'd seen many bloggers wear this shade and look great in it, but being blonde and pale skinned I always tended to steer clear of bright lip shades, lest they wash me out. When I did finally bite the bullet and buy this, I didn't look back. It's an orange toned red, very bright and very matte. If I'm going to to do a statement lip I generally prefer it to be matte. Pop this on with a bronzed up face and lashings of mascara and you're good to go!

2. Coral Bliss - This shade is one of MAC's cremesheen lipsticks, meaning it's a bit more sheer than the matte picks. Because this formula is more glossy and sheer it does mean you have to reapply it a bit more often than the mattes, but it'll last a good few hours nonetheless! This is the typical kind of shade I'll generally reach for, a lovely pinky-coral that has a certain brightness to it. I find this shade looks best when paired with a bronze eye - nice and neutral.

3. Peach Blossom - I picked this shade up after hearing Vivianna Does Makeup rave about it - I don't doubt her recommendations! It's a cremesheen formula and one of those "my lips but better shades". I would say this is the lipstick I own that's closest to my natural lip colour, but just adds a little something to my makeup. What's great about the cremesheen formula is that it's also moisturising, so you can just slick it on without going through the fuss of the whole lip scrub, lip balm, careful application process - basically I'm lazy.

4. Velvet Teddy - Do you remember the commotion and endless struggle of trying to figure out what exactly it was that Kylie Jenner was wearing on her lips? Of course you do, it went on for months. Well, I'm ashamed to say I definitely bought into the hype for a few weeks and decidedly searched the Internet high and low thinking that I simply must know. Many lip liners and misguided attempts later, I decided to give Velvet Teddy a try. Now, I'm not claiming that this is indeed what Kylie was sporting, but I stopped caring about that once I tried this lipstick. This is hands down my favourite MAC lipstick (perhaps my favourite lipstick in general - grand sweeping statement!) of all time. It's the perfect browny nude and compliments so many different makeup looks. Because it's a matte formula it also looks kind of sophisticated in a way. It's no wonder it's almost constantly sold out!

5. Rebel - I feel like this is one of those lipsticks that almost every beauty enthusiast has in their stash. It's a satin formula shade with a fairly matte finish and is incredibly long lasting. In fact, when I was swatching these lipsticks for this post, this was the one shade that stubbornly left a stain on my arm, despite all my scrubbing. This is a deep purple berry shade and one that looks great during the colder months as a statement lip. I find this a very versatile lipstick as you can also wear it as a lighter berry lip stain if you pat it onto your lips lightly and blend it in a bit - talk about bang for your buck!

All of the above lipsticks are available on MAC's website here. A word of warning: their massive lipstick shade range is a tempting one, and you may find yourself far more willing than usual to part with your cash - trust me, I know!



  1. Lady Danger scares me a little as well, but I think you convince me ! I really like Rebel but I believe this is a satin finish ? ( even if it is true that once on the lips it becomes quite matte)

    1. Whoops, you're totally right, Rebel is definitely a satin finish. I've corrected that now, thanks for letting me know! I know Lady Danger looks scary but I actually think it's a very flattering shade! xo

  2. I love the look of Rebel, may have to purchase it for the winter months!

    1. Yes, Rebel is a lovely shade and it's great for the colder months! xo

  3. Velvet Teddy is one of my ultimate Mac favs! I'm loving the look of Lady Danger though - may have to add that to my list of shades to try!

    Hannah Rose

    1. Velvet Teddy is an amazing nude! Lady Danger is a great shade too, it's one of my all time favourite bold lip colours! xo

  4. Rebel and Lady Danger are both two of my favourite shades, they really are collection staples :)
    xxx Claire


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