Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Places To Go: Zurich Botanical Garden

Although I've lived in Zurich for six years now, I've explored surprisingly little of what the city has to offer. After a friend from England visited and my sister and I became the designated tour guides, I realised I had to have a hard think about where to go that wasn't just aimlessly wandering around and staring at the Zurich lake. Because the weather was playing along on Monday, we decided to go to the botanical gardens. Now, I can't say I'm a huge nature fan. I grew up in a city, so fun nature activities such as hiking and camping really aren't my forté. Looking at flowers however - much more up my street. I thought that the botanical garden would be a good thing to try in order to both entertain my guest as well as expand my flower knowledge - okay not really, but I did appreciate the pretty plants.

The garden is around 15 minutes outside of the centre and easy to access via a short tram ride and some (uphill - not keen) walking. The whole thing is fairly large and feature three glass domes containing containing some of the more tropical plants.

The domes were probably the highlight of the entire experience, we had a gander and had a great deal of fun touching that plant that folds its leaves upon contact. There were even some small aquariums!

The domes also had a very tall (and potentially manmade) tree with a metal platform surrounding it, that you could climb onto via some metal stairs and get a better look at all the plants.

All in all, we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting the botanical garden in Zurich. This post may seem slightly photo-heavy but believe you me, I trimmed it down. I took a whopping 119 photos, mainly of flowers - priorities. I had a fantastic time playing photographer extraordinaire, but you can imagine how long it took us to actually get from one place to the next.

So if you're ever in Zurich and looking for a daytime activity I strongly recommend the botanical garden. And if you're anything like me: bring a camera!



  1. This looks like a lovely place, captured beautifully by your photography!

    Lucy // Ooh La Luce

  2. Such beautiful pictures in this post! This garden look gorgeous too, hopefully one day I will get to visit.


  3. Great post,loved it!
    xoxo Antonella


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