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Wet 'n Wild MegaLast Lip Colour Lipstick Review

Wet 'n Wild, wetnwild, MegaLast lip colour, lipstick, review, coral-line, rosebud, sand storm, bare it all

Wet 'n Wild, wetnwild, MegaLast lip colour, lipstick, review, coral-line, rosebud, sand storm, bare it all

Wet 'n Wild, wetnwild, MegaLast lip colour, lipstick, review, coral-line, rosebud, sand storm, bare it all
From left to right: Coral-ine, Rose-bud, Sand Storm, Bare It All.

Right, I know what you're thinking, another Wet 'n Wild post. I know, I'm sorry! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by a drugstore brand so half of my daily makeup routine currently consists of Wet 'n Wild products. If you read my Wet 'n Wild makeup haul post, you'll have seen that I picked up a few of their MegaLast Lip Colour shades. Now, I may or may not have gone back and picked up another shade since then (spoiler alert: I did). I've given all of these shades a good try now so I thought I'd fill you in on some of my thoughts!

I have four of the shades from this range the first being Coral-ine, which is a bright, orangey reddish coral - heads up, I suck at describing colours! I've been loving this with a very simple eye and a bronzed complexion, I'm clinging on to what's left of summer! The shade that I picked up post-haul was Rose-bud, after seeing some swatches online. This is the perfect pink for me, it doesn't look too sickly and rumour has it, this is a dupe for MAC's Fanfare! I also picked up Sand Storm, a warm toned brown-nude which pairs well with the Chestnut liner I picked up. Finally, the nude offering is Bare It All, a very light browny pink.

In terms of the shades, there are a lot of colours to choose from. I'm quite happy with the shades I picked up. Sand Storm is the only one that I'm a bit iffy on. I think the colour is a bit too warm for me, but with the right eye I can definitely make it work. My favourite of the bunch is probably Bare It All, a nude that honestly creates the illusion of a much fuller pout than than you really have - I always welcome a helping hand in that department!

Now, the formula: these are marketed as long-lasting lipsticks and as expected they're semi-matte. I love matte lipsticks but as I'm sure many others agree, they can be a tad drying. And by a tad I mean very. These lipsticks are very creamy and easy to apply and not at all as drying as I was expecting. Because of that, they aren't quite as long-lasting as other mattes, but I got around three hours of wear out of them as long as I didn't eat or drink with too much gusto. 

As has been the case for the Wet 'n Wild range so far, I'm fairly enamoured with these. There are a fair few shades to choose from, the formula is great and for £1.30 they're a steal! I'll try to pack it in with the Wet 'n Wild purchases now - doesn't that sound familiar? I'm seriously working on my self restraint - fingers crossed!



  1. In love with matte lipsticks, will have to give these a go asap!
    Feel free to check out our newest post x

  2. "Bare it all" looks like the perfect color to me. quite similar to viva glam II from Mac which is one of my faves. Have too check these lipsticks out asap!! :-D xoxo Carina

    1. Bare It All really is such a nice nude! Wet 'n Wild actually have quite a few dupes for MAC products! xo


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