Friday, 27 November 2015

Essie's Ultimate Autmnal Nail Shade

essie, ultimate autumn nail shade, autumnal, angora cardi, review, nail polish, berry, nails

essie, ultimate autumn nail shade, autumnal, angora cardi, review, nail polish, berry, nails

Trust Essie to be the brand that makes what I think is the ultimate autumnal nail shade! Essie has the monopoly in my nail polish collection, I always go back to them for their amazing and often very unique shades. As it gets later on in the autumnal season, I make my way through quite a lot of nail shades and it can get a little "same old, same old". I'll admit that I am very bad when it comes to my attention span for nail colours. I get bored so easily and certain seasonal colours get repetitive to the point where I avoid them.

Enter Essie Angora Cardi. I saw a photo of this polish posted on their official Instagram account and it looked like a lovely pinky berry shade. In reality this polish is nothing like what it looked in that photo - darn studio lights - but it's a beaut' nonetheless. After seeing it online I immediately assumed that it was a new collection shade and dragged my shopping companion to four different shops until I finally realised that this is a permanent shade. Whoops. Admittedly I'd overlooked it because I'd been looking for the colour in the photo and if you compare my photo with the other one, they're worlds apart, but I digress.

This shade was the breath of fresh air that I needed for my autumn/winter nail wardrobe. The great thing about Essie polishes is that there are a fair few shades that seem pretty much undupeable. So many times after purchasing a new nail polish I'll traipse home, only to realise that I have another one (or four) that are almost identical - what can I say? I'm a creature of habit. Angora Cardi is so different to any of my other nail colours. The only shade I can compare it too is Merino Cool, not because they're the same colour, but because they're both kind of muted, browny berry tones. Whilst Merino Cool leans more to the purple side, Angora Cardi is more of a reddy burgundy. It's also one of those shades that looks really different depending on the light. In dimmer light it looks more brown and when I'm in direct light or outdoors, the colour is much more of a reddish pink. I realise that my colour descriptions are, as per usual, sub-par but that is why there are photos!

The formula is pretty much what I've usually experienced from Essie so far. I won't claim that it's the best formula in the world - it's not, but it is one of my favourites because I can forgo a topcoat and it will still stick around for a good three days or so with only a bit of tip wear. I have a lot of Essie polishes and the wide brush is also a massive bonus, it makes application a million times easier and the whole process is much more precise.

All in all I think it's safe to say that Essie has nailed it with this shade - d'you see that pun? Sorry, that was horrendous - and if you're getting a bit bored of the usual autumn shades and you're looking for a bit of a transition polish between your current colours and the full on glitters for winter, this just might be your guy! But to be honest, it's never too early for a bit of glitter!



  1. Such a gorgeous shade! I love Essie polishes.

    xo, Liz

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  3. I don't have any essie polishs and it's making me really upset because this colour is so nice!
    Charlotte //

  4. Essie really does have great polishes and the wealth of shades is just amazing! I'm loving that colour.

  5. Your photos are amazing!! Which camera do you use? The nail shade is so pretty, definitely perfect for Autumn. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post?:)

    The Fashion Road


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