Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The 10 Best Things About Christmas

A slightly different, but super-festive post today, all about the 10 best things about Christmas. I love Christmas as much as the next over-enthusiastic gal. It's a time of the year that just holds so many good memories and good excuses to do things that we perhaps wouldn't do through the rest of the year. Once December rolls around, I practically make it my mission to immerse myself in all things Christmassy. Because I had exams until yesterday, I plan to go all in this next week! So without further ado, let's get onto my list of the best things about Christmas!

1. Food - Need I say more? I feel like everyone comes out of the festive season with a few extra pounds and if you're not then you're doing it wrong! No, but seriously, tell me your secret. As my family celebrate on the 24th (keep your pants on, it's a Swiss thing) and I have another Christmas on the 25th, there's a lot of food. Chocolate, cookies, cakes, you name it, I'm eating it. Also leftovers! It's just the gift that keeps on giving really.

2. Glitter - I already mentioned in Monday's glitter edit post, that I'm a seasonal glitter-lover. This means that whilst through the other 11 months of the year I'll turn my nose up at anything aside from eyeshadow that has so much as some slight shimmer, I morph into a fully fledged glitter fiend come December. Polish, shadow, highlight. You name it - I want it all!

3. Candles - I love candles. I have somewhere between 20 and 30 candles in my room and I like to light them all in rotation because I'm mental. There was one year where all I was given as gifts were candles, because I'd turned into such a crazy candle person that they were pretty much all I wanted. Thankfully, some of my nearest and dearest put their foot down on the candle-excesses and now I'm happily settled with the ones I have. The festive candles are definitely my favourites to burn and once Christmas rolls around my room resembles Chandler and Monica's proposal scene from Friends - and I'm okay with it!

4. Red lipstick - Whilst it is definitely appropriate to rock a red lip any time of the year, I always feel far more inclined to crack out the reds in December. I wrote a post on the best of the reds last week (I promise this list wasn't meant to just be self-promo!) so you can see that I like a fair few different shades. My favourites have to be the mattes though, I feel like they're just the perfect companion for Christmas parties!

5. Twinkly lights - In Zurich, pretty much everything looks gorgeous in December. If you're ever here around this time of year, head over to Bahnhofstrasse (like you could miss it) for some amazing Christmas lights! I'm that one person that just stands in the middle of the pavement, in everyone's way, staring at the pretty lights and trying to get a good photo - #bloggerproblems.

6. Christmas tunes - I usually barely wait until November to start belting out the Mariah and the Bublé, but in December I really get into the full swing of it. No Christmas song will escape me. In fact I have numerous Christmas CDs that get listened to on rotation - so old school.

7. Movies - Is there really anything better at Christmas than sitting curled up on the couch and watching a festive movie? I absolutely love that around December, just about every channel is playing some form of Christmas movie. Even the festive cartoons are right up my street. Some of my favourites are definitely Elf, Home Alone and Annabel's Wish (does anyone other than me even know that last one?!).

8. Presents - Give me a minute here, I promise you I'm not a spoiled brat. I'm referring more to buying presents for others. I absolutely love gift shopping for my family and friends, it's one of my favourite things to do. Walking around the super festive shops and the twinkly lights in search of the perfect gift is something I always look forward to. That and eagerly watching people unwrap them - yeah, I'm that person. But let's be honest, receiving the gifts isn't half bad either!

9. Mulled wine - Remember the Christmas-movie-watching on the couch scene I painted for you all a minute ago? Well stick a glass of mulled wine in there and you've got a pretty perfect situation. I've literally been going on and on about it on my blog and on my Twitter, but as soon as I see the first Christmas decorations go up it's like a switch flips in my brain and I'm ready for all of the mulled wine. Love.

10. Family and friends - Yes, I know - she's being clichĂ© again. Through all the food, mulled wine - important - and presents, let's not forget about the real spirit of Christmas. I hate being soppy, but I do love that everyone gets together for Christmas and it's a time to be around your nearest and dearest. Obviously a few members will inevitably get a bit too drunk and practically fall asleep at the table, but I'm not going to pretend that it isn't amusing.

I feel like I've stated probably the most obvious best things about Christmas, so this list may or may not have been slightly redundant. Either way, I've really been liking switching it up on the blog recently, and seeing as it's Christmas I thought I'd include a little festive listy-number. In case I've missed any, do let me know what some of your favourites are! Happy holidays!



  1. Food for me is the most important bit of Christmas, and family of course!


  2. I've loved this lost! For me personally Christmas is all about family and friends, gift giving (you're not the only one that stares people why unwrapping presents) and food. When it comes to makeup I totally agree with you- reds and glitter all the way!
    I hope you have an amazing day! xx


  3. Fuzzy socks, peppermint hot chocolate and snugly blankets! Oh and snow, it should start Christmas Eve and disappear on December 26th.

  4. Great post...feeling festive. Can't wait for Christmas. X


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