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My Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks

My Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks, best drugstore lipsticks, nude, bold, pink, red, rimmel kate moss, 43, 107, catrice luminous lips lipstick, h&m beauty, hm, seashell, wet 'n wild bare it all, megalast lipstick, swatches

My Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks, best drugstore lipsticks, nude, bold, pink, red, rimmel kate moss, 43, 107, catrice luminous lips lipstick, h&m beauty, hm, seashell, wet 'n wild bare it all, megalast lipstick, swatches

My Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks, best drugstore lipsticks, nude, bold, pink, red, rimmel kate moss, 43, 107, catrice luminous lips lipstick, h&m beauty, hm, seashell, wet 'n wild bare it all, megalast lipstick, swatches
From left to right: Rimmel Kate Moss 43, Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Catrice Coffee & Cream, H&M Seashell and Wet 'n Wild Bare It All.

In the recent years I've found that the drugstore is really giving high end brands a run for their money. I've been perusing the isles of Boots since the tender age of 10 and believe you me, I've tried some dodgy products in my time! These days, however, drugstore brands are massively upping their game, especially in the lip product department. (Mostly) Gone are the chalky, glittery "nude" lipsticks and in their place are an array of colours and formulas to suit any beauty junkie's needs. I still frequent the drugstore beauty isles on a very regular basis - old habits die hard! - and I've found some firm favourites over the years, so today I thought I'd round up five of my favourite drugstore lipsticks! Predictably enough, these are almost all nudes - sorry! - and a few have cropped up on the blog before, but hopefully this will give you some budget lipstick inspo! So in no particular order, here goes!

So. The Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks. Yeah, I'm talking about them again. I couldn't really do a favourite drugstore lipsticks post and not stick these in there, could I? I know I've banged on about these a lot over my time blogging but with good reason! The formula of these lipsticks is amazing and there's such a wide array of colours that there really isn't much not to like! One shade in particular that's stolen my heart is the Rimmel Kate Moss Nude 43 lipstick. I'm a browny-nude gal through and through, there's just something about that 90s look that I gravitate towards. This isn't the most long-lasting lipstick but it's super easy to reapply on the go and oh so pretty. Another from the Rimmel lineup is the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte in 107 - aka the people-pleaser. This is a blogger favourite and seems to be a shade that's worked it's way into a lot of people's hearts. It's a gorgeous bold winey shade, matte, long-lasting and great for the winter months!

Catrice is a brand that I believe is mainly sold in Germany and Switzerland, so I'm sorry if this is one that's not available to you! This brand is full to the brim with high-end dupes and although the line can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, I absolutely love their Luminous Lips Lipstick in Coffee & Cream. I'll be honest with you here, these were advertised as being formulated with hyaluronic acid to aid in moisturising the lips whilst imparting a pretty tint. I'm a sucker for a good claim and I was intrigued, despite thinking that it was most likely a bit of a gimmick. I won't say that these are amazingly moisturising and better than my favourite lip balms but they're not half bad! I own two shades from this line and they leave a glossy finish on the lips but with some pretty impressive pigmentation. They also are far more hydrating than most of my other lipsticks and all that for the grand total of about £3.50 ($5) - what's not to love?

Excuse me whilst I take yet another opportunity to wax lyrical about the H&M Beauty line. Honestly, I don't think I've ever loved as much stuff from one drugstore brand (or owned as much stuff from one drugstore brand, for that matter!) as I have from this one. Unsurprisingly, the Cream Lipstick in Seashell is no exception. This stuff is gorgeous! Not only is the formula super creamy and pigmented, but the lasting power is so impressive for a budget lipstick. I also find that this leaves a really pretty hint of colour behind after fading, which I'm definitely okay with. This is super flattering pinky nude and one I've had ratting around in my handbag for a while now! A little word of warning for anyone shopping at H&M Beauty: the stickers on the bottom of the lipstick are not what the actual lipstick shade looks like. For reference, just look at the second photo (second lipstick from the right) and compare the colour of the sticker to the swatch - not the most accurate of representations. So if there aren't any testers available in store, maybe have a browse of swatches on the internet first, that's what I did!

Last but not least, I was obviously going to include the Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Bare It All. I wrote a whole dupe post on this, comparing it to MAC's Velvet Teddy lipstick and it's an almost exact match. I've long since dramatically crowned Velvet Teddy as my all-time favourite lipstick and the fact that there's an near exact same dupe for Velvet Teddy that only costs $4 has been a bit of a revelation for me. Bare It All is a matte browny nude that somehow manages to make your lips look fuller as well as having great pigmentation and lasting power. I'm a big fan of the Megalast Lipstick line as there's a fantastic selection of colours and the quality is really great. Plus, at $4 a pop, it's a great way to try out bolder lip choices, or, if you're anything like me, to go on a dupe-hunt!

It's taken me sitting down and writing this post to realise that I've essentially presented you with four browny-nudes and one bold lip option, but I do actually own multiple lipsticks from every range I've mentioned in this post. I've just showed you the ones I use the most in this post, but thus far I haven't used anything from these lines that I don't like, so know that these come in many more amazing shades! I will also try my best to branch out a bit from the nudes and use the more colourful shades in my stash! What are some of your favourite drugstore lipsticks? I hope I'm not the only one who hoards nude lipsticks like they're going out of style! Have a great weekend and happy Friday!



  1. The only one of all of these I've tried is Rimmel 107 but I'm definitely going to have to try these others, they look gorgeous. x


  2. I love the kate moss rimmel line and 107 is a favourite of mine to! 04 from the rimmel lasting perfection line is one all time favourites - is a perfect pinky / brown nude. xx

  3. I really like the H&M lipstick in 'seashell'! I didn't know H&M had makeup, I'll have to check it out! xo

    McKenzie |

  4. the rimmel kate moss lipstick and the H&M one look amzing, i'll have to try them and probably end up buying them haha

    Paula |


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