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The $7 Dupe for MAC Amber Lights

MAC Amber Lights, eyeshadow, dupe, H&M Ginger Snap, swatches

MAC Amber Lights, eyeshadow, dupe, H&M Ginger Snap, swatches

MAC Amber Lights, eyeshadow, dupe, H&M Ginger Snap, swatches
Left: H&M Beauty Ginger Snap, right: MAC Amber Lights.

I don't know about you guys, but for me December was a very spendy month. I took it upon myself to play Santa and buy gifts for just about everyone in my close circle. As a result of that, January has been all about counting pennies and turning down lunch plans due to insufficient funds. In light of that, I thought I'd write a bit of a more budget friendly post today! I'm someone who loves a cheaper alternative to a high end product. I've scoured the internet for dupes for years now and in the more recent past, I've started doing the same in my own makeup stash. Every now and again I'll happen upon two products that look near identical - the defining difference? The price. Such discoveries excite me far more than they probably should, so obviously I feel the need to blog about them! So without further ado, let's get on with the dupe!

MAC's Amber Lights eyeshadow has been a firm favourite of mine since I got it in September of last year. It's seen me through the colder months and perfected many a coppery eye. It's described as a "peachy brown with shimmer" and is one of MAC's frost finish eyeshadows, meaning it's a pretty shimmer shade. Let's be real here, MAC's single eyeshadows are nowhere near as expensive as other higher end brands. However, in Zurich you do end up shelling out $19 (£13) for a tiny little single eyeshadow (the ones that are without pot, for the MAC palettes), so it's also most certainly not the cheapest of options!

In my recent H&M Beauty haul, I mentioned the eyeshadow in the shade Ginger Snap. I remember seeing this for the first time and immediately thinking that it was 100% my kind of shade. It wasn't until I applied it that I started to feel like I had tried this shade before, so into my makeup stash I went and I had a good rootle around. I ended up swatching Ginger Snap and Amber Lights side by side and I was really surprised by how similar they were. Ginger snap has that same, very warm-toned golden peachy tone to it and has the same frost finish to it as Amber Lights. The colour difference between these two is so slight that I struggle to even describe it properly, but if I were to try I'd say that Ginger Snap has a bit more of orange to it, whilst Amber Lights is more gold (/yellow). But again, I feel like if you didn't know which was which, it would be very difficult to even tell the difference!

The question now is how does the H&M pick hold up against the MAC? In a controversial turn of events, I've found that Ginger Snap swatches more easily as it's much more buttery in texture than the slightly stiffer formula of Amber lights. Because of that, I'd even go as far as to say that H&M's offer is slightly easier to work with due to the better blendability. I will say, however, that Amber Lights can be built up to the exact same intensity, it just takes an extra layer or so. I also feel that the MAC eyeshadow is ever so slightly longer lasting than the H&M formula but it's a fairly close call on that front.

So what's the verdict here? In short, these are very similar both in shade and overall quality, but (in Switzerland) one costs almost triple what the other costs. If you've been toying with the idea of trying the MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow for a while but you're on a tight budget, then I would definitely recommend trying H&M's Ginger Snap eyeshadow. They're both great products and I would honestly struggle to pick a favourite so I think no matter which one you go for you'll most likely be happy. If you manage to find an H&M and MAC counter in close vicinity have a swatch for yourself and see if you're happy with the colour similarity - seriously, they're almost the same!

You'd think that it might annoy someone, realising they already own almost the exact same product in two forms, but it's always something I get excited about because it means I can report back to friends and family as well as you guys and save everyone some money! I have a few more dupes up my sleeve, so perhaps there'll be some more of these posts in the future too! I've been repeatedly swatching both eyeshadows in this post whilst writing this to make sure it's as accurate as possible, so for now I'm off to remove all this eyeshadow from my arm. Thank goodness for oil cleansers!



  1. They both look identical in your swatch picture! I'm definitely going to pick up the H&M one. I'm looking forward to seeing your other dupes! xx

  2. It actually looks identical! I don't own Amber lights but the H&M one really does look similar, I might have to try the H&M one since I don't own anything from the collection.

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