Monday, 22 February 2016

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, who to follow on Instagram

Let's be real: most people who have a blog (or just most people) range from slightly to severely addicted to social media. Everyone has their favourite and for me it's definitely Instagram. I post at least once a day, every day and I probably spend way too much time wondering what will and what won't go with my theme. It's pretty much the number one place for me to get inspired and it's a great platform for finding new bloggers! If you fancy following me on Instagram, you can do so here - cheeky little plug there! Anyway, this post is not about me, but about some of the amazing accounts I follow! If I were to sit here and list all the accounts I love we'd be here all day, so today I've whittled it down to five. These ladies all have amazing feeds and some mad photography skills so I highly suggest you check them out! 

Kelsey (@dadmunk)

I follow predominantly beauty-based accounts because I thoroughly enjoy a good makeup flatlay. Kelsey's Instagram most definitely delivers on that front, so if you're anything like me then I think you just might love her feed! Her photography is on point and her makeup collection is pretty darn enviable too!

Pinja (@pinnchie)

Pinja has a pretty ace mix of beauty and lifestyle shots and her feed is gorgeously colourful. She's from Finland, so there are lovely panoramic shots in her feed too which have only spurred me on in my quest to visit the country! Also, she has possibly the prettiest hair ever and although I like my recently chopped hair, I am prone to the occasional bout of hair envy when I'm scrolling through her photos!

This is another swoon-worthy beauty account with flatlays galore. Lily has what may just be one of the prettiest feeds I've yet to see, her photography is absolutely fab. There's a very minimal colour scheme going on, flecked with pinks and corals and it is just gorgeous. Definitely one to check out if you're a beauty addict like me!

Franziska (@somanycliches)

Of all the the Instagrams I follow, this is the one I've been following the longest. Before I started my blog Instagram about six months ago I'd been following Franziska on my personal account for years and hers was one of the first I followed on my blog Instagram! I'm absolutely obsessed with the aesthetic of her feed, everything is so uniform but there's also plenty of variety. Whether you're into fashion, beauty or lifestyle, her Instagram has it all - definitely one to have a look at!

Ilia (@iliamura)

Last, but most certainly not least, we have Ilia. Now, I may be a little biased here because I know her in real life as well as online, but the girl knows how to shoot a cup of coffee! Her taste in photos is pretty impeccable and she also has great style so her fashion posts are fab too. Basically, she's great so go and check her Instagram out!

So there we go, five gorgeous Instagram accounts! I think Instagram is such a great place for bloggers and I love finding (read: stalking) new, amazing accounts so if you have one, leave it in the comments! If you've been stuck for accounts to follow recently, definitely check out these lovely ladies! Happy Monday and I hope you all have a fantastic start to your week! 



  1. So inspiring! Love your blog so much :) x

  2. I'm so obsessed with instagram at the moment, I just love it! I'll definitely be sure to give these pages a look ♥

  3. I love finding new people to follow on Instagram so I love reading posts like this! Instagram can be so addictive sometimes.

  4. Oh I hadn't heard of any of these accounts! Thanks for the insta-inspiration!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  5. Aahh I love finding new Instagram accounts to follow! Thank you - love the last one! There are so many amazing instagrammers out there, haha! :D

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

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