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My Most Used Lip Liners

My Most Used Lip Liners, lipliner, mac, whirl, nyx nude, pro longwear, cultured, review, swatches

I'm a big lip liner fan and over the last few years I've managed to pad out my collection quite a bit. When the whole Kylie Jenner lip thing was all anyone could talk about, I most definitely bought into the hype and went on a mad search for the perfect nude lip liner. That search resulted in me owning perhaps a few too many lip liners! Despite that, I still get a load of use out of my liners and over time I've definitely found some firm favourites that I use under lipstick or just by themselves. Today I thought I'd chat about three of my all time favourite, always somewhere in a handbag, lip liners. And yes, I promise they're not all the same colour!

When someone says lip liner I automatically think MAC Whirl. The drama around this liner, oh my goodness. It took ages for the Whirl stock to recover from the whirlwind (har har) that was Kylie Jenner and even the Swiss MAC counters were sold out for months. With or without the celebrity endorsement, this liner is gorgeous and I have yet to find a better browny-nude lip liner. The shade of this is just so flattering; there's something very 90s about it but at the same time I think it can give a bit of an edge to a makeup look. This is the liner out of the three that I'll wear alone the most, although it does fare very well under lipstick too.

My Most Used Lip Liners, lipliner, mac, whirl, nyx nude, pro longwear, cultured, review, swatches

Another liner I've gotten a whole lot of use out of is the NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude. Whilst I'd still say this has a certain 90s edge to it, it's a lot less brown than Whirl and definitely more of a pinky nude. The formula of this liner is just amazing, it's super creamy and doesn't tug at the lips (something the classic MAC liner formula is sometimes guilty of) and once in place this stuff will not budge. It's touted as waterproof so the longevity on this is pretty stellar! I tend to use this a under my lipsticks as it creates a lovely base and just makes everything last much longer.

My Most Used Lip Liners, lipliner, mac, whirl, nyx nude, pro longwear, cultured, review, swatches
From left to right: MAC Whirl, NYX Nude and MAC Cultured.

Finally we have the most recent purchase of the bunch, which comes in the form of the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Cultured. This is the most nude and natural of these three, it's honestly barely any different to my natural lip colour. There's a touch more of a terracotta shade to it and it's quite a warm nude. The formula of the Pro Longwear liners is a lot creamier than the classic MAC liners, which can be a little dry, although both formulas are super long lasting. I tend to use this under a moisturising lipstick when I'm either not doing much with my makeup full stop or if I've got a lot going on with my eyes and don't want to do anything too crazy on the lips. Definitely one to check out if you're after a simple and flattering nude liner!

So no surprises here, all three are nude shades! They are, after all, my most used liners and as much as I'd love to sport MAC Vino on a regular basis, I'm just too lazy and always gravitate towards the nudes! Go on, enable me - what are some of your favourite lip liners?


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  1. MAC's whirl lip liner is also one of my favorites, I feel like it could be worn with any lip color and would look great. Right now I've really been loving MAC's Boldy Bare lip liner.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve


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