Monday, 18 April 2016

3 Multipurpose Products for Spring

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I love finding a good multipurpose product that actually works for more than one thing. Not only do you end up getting more for your money, but they're super handbag-friendly for when you're on the go! Around spring I tend to get just a wee bit lazy in the makeup department, and I tend to go for easy to apply, can-blend-it-with-my-fingers type products. Today I thought I'd have a little ramble about three of my favourite multipurpose beauty bits for a bit of effortless makeup in spring!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - This is such an oldie, but it's been a pretty permanent staple in my collection since I was in my early teens. It might seem like a bit of a funny one because it's a product a lot of people crack out during the colder months to alleviate dry skin, but I find that it has a whole lot more to offer during the warmer months too! First off, I like to use this on my lips, not only as a lip balm but also as a gloss of sorts, because it leaves such a lovely shine. You can also use this as a bit of a highlighter if you're after that dewy look, (think cheekbones and cupid's bow) as well as dabbing it onto your eyelids for that editorial glossy lid look. I normally put a bit of this into a small plastic pot so I don't have to take the whole tube with me, but it's always somewhere in my handbag!

BECCA Beach Tint in Raspberry - I've mentioned this on the blog before and it's definitely a firm favourite of mine! I've also said that I don't have much trust in "cheek & lip" products, because they're normally only good for one or the other, but this is one of the exceptions I've found! It has a really light, gel-like texture, so you can apply it onto the apples of your cheeks with your fingers and blend it out without disrupting the rest of your makeup. You can also dab it onto your lips and it leaves the prettiest, bright berry stain. I may have to invest in another shade of these!

Jouer Cheek & Lip Tint in Honeysuckle - Another product that's popped up around these parts before, but with good reason! This is probably the only other exception to the whole "cheek & lip"-products-not-really-working-for-both rule. I'm also really not one for cream blush, because I find it so challenging to apply and seem to either end up looking like I've applied the whole pan to my cheeks or just rubbing all my foundation away in an attempt to blend. Or, you know, both. None of that here! This blends like a dream and makes cream blush application simple for even the cack-handed like me. I love using this as a blush or smoothing a little onto my lips over some balm. Plus, that shade! I'm a sucker for a good coral!

Those are some of my favourite multipurpose beauty bits to chuck in my handbag for spring! Even though the weather is still slightly undecided and it's currently pouring rain in Zurich, it's definitely spring. Sort of. Here's to hoping the sun starts making slightly more regular appearances and that I'll be able to pack away my winter coats soon! What are some of your favourite multipurpose products? I hope you all have a lovely start to the week!



  1. I've been thinking about purchasing a Beach Tint, happy to hear it's amazing!

    xo, Liz

    1. I hope you like it if you do pick it up, it's such a great one for the warmer months too! xo

  2. Really want to try out the Beach tint!!

    Georgia Rose X

    1. It's lovely and they have so many great shades! xo


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