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The Metallic Lip | Makeup Look

The Metallic Lip | Makeup Look, how to wear metallic lipstick, makeup, beauty, jouer long wear lip crème liquid lipstick, pamplemousse, review, lip swatch

The Metallic Lip | Makeup Look, how to wear metallic lipstick, makeup, beauty, jouer long wear lip crème liquid lipstick, pamplemousse, review, lip swatch

You may have seen in my recent Jouer Liquid Lipstick review that in a brief moment of madness I picked up a metallic liquid lipstick. It may have been the five YouTube try-on swatch videos I watched, but something about the metallic lipsticks really caught my eye. Cue the lipstick actually arriving and me deciding I looked like some kind of space person wearing it. That coupled with more than a few bewildered glances from my nearest and dearest and I was just about ready to cast it aside. I did persist, nonetheless, and recently I've completely fallen for this shade - who'd have thought it? It seems that metallic lipsticks are on the horizon at the moment and I'm pretty sure some other brands will follow suit and release metallic lipstick shades for the summer (and Kylie Jenner already has!). Today I thought I'd do a little post on how I've been wearing this lipstick and the makeup I use to make it work for me!

As the metallic lipstick is, in itself, already kind of a statement I wanted to keep the rest of my makeup super simple and natural but also really fresh and glowy. I tried to create a natural and flawless looking base by first priming with the Dior Glow Maximiser followed by the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. To cover up any small blemishes and to brighten up my under-eye area I went for my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. To make my base look as even and natural as possible I used my Beauty Blender for my foundation and concealer, just kind of bopping it around my face. The process is definitely a bit more time consuming than just using a brush but it honestly makes such a big difference!

Once my base was in place I set everything with a bit of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I love this because whilst it takes down some of the shine, it doesn't leave things looking matte or flat. Next I wanted to bronze things up so I went in with my NARS Laguna Bronzer and just warmed my face up, as well as swiping it across the tops of my cheeks and bridge of my nose in one sweeping motion, to give that more natural sun-kissed appearance. To amp up the glow, I then used some of The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter on the tops of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose.

I won't drag out the brows part because by now we all know that I only really ever use two products for them, the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil for definition and the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper to set the brows in place. I finished off the brows by cleaning everything up with a bit of concealer and adding a bit of highlight onto the brow bone. Done!

I wanted to keep my eyes nice and simple too, so I started by adding a little definition to the crease by using the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I used a mixture of Naked 2 and Faint and blended that through the crease. Once that was blended properly, I went in with MAC's All That Glitters eyeshadow and blended that all over the lid to give them a lovely neutral glow. I topped that all off with a few coats of the Benefit They're Real Mascara and that's the eyes done!

So onto the main event - the lips! You'd think that after all the years of wearing lipstick I'd have the application part down, but nope, it's still one of the parts I struggle most with when I'm doing my makeup! I have very asymmetrical lips, which makes applying lipstick quite the challenge because bold lipsticks really accentuate that. I wanted to give myself a clearer guide of where to apply the lipstick, so I started by lining my lips with the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Cultured. If you're better at applying liquid lipstick than I am (which, let's be real, isn't hard) then you don't need to line your lips. The formula of the Jouer Liquid Lipsticks is fab and works just as well without a liner!

The lipstick I used here is the Jouer Long Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick in the shade Pamplemousse. I have to say that this is one of the most difficult liquid lipstick shades I've ever applied, because the reflection on the metallic finish means it sometimes tough to see what you're doing. I tried applying this with a lip brush but I found that it left a bit of a streaky finish, so I'd advise just using the actual applicator. With this formula you actually can just apply a slightly lighter layer for a less intense colour or you can go all in with it. The lipstick dries down super quickly and you're left with a pretty metallic pout that won't budge for most of the day!

Although I took far too many photos of this look in an attempt to get a good one for this post, I'm a bit like Chandler in photos; my face looks fine until the camera pops out, then my expression turns into a weird grimace. So in short, I'm sorry that the photo doesn't have the most aesthetically pleasing background, but that was the best one I could take of the makeup!

I hope that this has been interesting or helpful for anyone looking to dabble in metallic lipsticks! I think trying any new shade you're not too familiar with takes some courage, but there's almost always a way to make it work for you! Would you ever try metallic lipstick?



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