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Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks

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Liquid lipsticks are pretty much everywhere right now and there's such a vast selection that it can seem slightly overwhelming. There's no point beating around the bush here: I'm a huge lipstick hoarder. I own more lipsticks than I can probably ever use up. However, because of that I have tried a fair few liquid lipsticks offerings across the board. We'll call it thorough research, it's totally legit. Today I thought I'd chat about a few of the different liquid lipstick ranges I've tried and share the details on all the formulas to hopefully help you navigate the sea of options!

NYX Lip Lingerie - I have yet to find a place in Zurich that sells these - boo. Either way, this is by far the best mainstream drugstore liquid lipstick I've found available so far. That is the main perk with this liquid lipstick compared to most of the others: availability and price point. NYX is available in drugstores (even though the ones near me are slightly behind) and they're super affordable. The formula of these is quite thick and is best when kept to a minimum layer to prevent cracking or an overall dry finish. The finish of this lipstick is slightly less dry than the others and stays slightly tacky. As long as you use a thin coat on the lips, this lipstick works really well and wears for about five hours, plus the shade range is absolutely gorgeous!

Shade pictured: Bedtime Flirt

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip - These are the most recent additions to my stash and definitely the ones that were hardest to get ahold of! If you live outside of the US, Colourpop is tough to get your hands on, which is definitely a downside. On the flip side, however, these only cost $6 a pop. They're the most runny in consistency of all the liquid lipsticks I've tried, but that keeps the finish quite light and makes it more difficult to overuse product. These are super long lasting and as long as I don't eat much I can stretch these to about 6 or 7 hours which is great. Yes, they are drying but that's the price you pay for longevity! You can also reapply these without having to start from scratch, which is a major bonus for me!

Shades pictures (l-r): Trap, Midi and Bumble

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - I got this lipstick in a Sephora lip set last year and was pretty much obsessed with it for months. There was so much hype surrounding this lipstick line and it didn't disappoint. It's definitely a thicker liquid lipstick and it takes a little while to set, but once it does it stays in place for about 5 or so hours. The one thing I've noticed is that if you only use a thin layer of this, it can look a little streaky. I need to make sure that I've distributed the product well if I don't want an uneven finish. If you use too much, it can stay a little tacky on the lips and not dry down completely. As long as you apply it well and give it enough time to dry, it looks really nice on the lips and isn't too drying either!

Shade pictured: Lolita

Jouer Long Wear Matte Lip Crème - When I saw the buzz around these online I was so keen to try them, especially since the shades looked so promising. These are fairly creamy upon application and then dry down almost immediately. The finish is completely matte and not tacky at all on the lips, so they can be quite drying throughout the day. A huge bonus with these is that you can reapply the lipstick without cracking or pilling. These last really well and despite my expectations of the metallic shade transferring, it didn't and they both wear for around 5 hours. They're definitely not drugstore priced but they are on the more reasonable side of the price point!

Shades pictured (l-r): Noisette and Pamplemousse

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour - There was so much hype around these when they were released! I remember trawling all the different MAC counters for weeks, trying to get the nude shade I wanted. My opinion has changed slightly since I initially tried these as I've since tried more liquid lipsticks from other brands. First of all, the quality of these lipsticks varies hugely between shades. Whilst the nude shade I have works fairly well, the darker red shade is much more difficult to work with. Both take a fair while to dry down completely and have a tendency to crack after an hour or so (the red shade far more so than the nude shade). You pretty much can't reapply these at all without removing all the product and starting again, otherwise it starts crumbling and cracking straight away. They aren't bad products but they definitely require more work than the others for only a few hours of wear time. They are also quite expensive, so that's another factor to keep in mind!

Shades pictured (l-r): Dance With Me and Lady-Be-Good.

So overall, what's my pick of the bunch? I know it's fairly predictable but I'd have to go for Colourpop as the frontrunner with Jouer following close behind. With Colourpop you just get such incredible quality for a great, affordable price and an amazing shade range to go along with it. Jouer also has some great offerings and some pretty unique shades as well. Both products can be reapplied throughout the day too, which is something that I think is really important and convenient!

There we have it, a liquid lipstick standoff! I hope this has been somewhat helpful if you're in the market for a new liquid lipstick but aren't sure quite where to start! I love the convenience of liquid lipstick and the fact that it needs a minimal amount of touching up. I definitely need to slow down my lipstick habit though - I'm working on it! Have you tried any of these? What are some of your favourite liquid lipsticks? Happy Friday!

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  1. I really haven't heard great things about MAC's liquid lipsticks - they seem to let a lot of people down on that front! However, I think I *need* to give some of the NYX ones a go. They seem to be a really great product for their price, and they're pretty easy to get over here in the UK

    Steph -

  2. I've been wanting to try Colourpop for quite a while now and this post has definitely convinced me! Great post :)

    xo, Liz

  3. I love the colour pop ones and NYX Lip lingeries. I also really like the NYX suede line as well. I really want to try the Jouer ones, I have heard nothing but good things.

    LPage Beauty

  4. The nyx and colourpop liquid lipsticks sound amazing, I really want to try them.

  5. I really want to try the colourpop ones - why are they so hard to get hold of in the UK?! xo

    Emily |

  6. I have a few of the NYX lingerie and was slightly disappointed, I much prefer the soft matte lip cremes from NYX! But I've been wanting to try to colourpop ones for so long they're just not easy to get ahold of! X

  7. I'm not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks, although I love the finish that they give most are too drying for me! Tarte's are my favorite, but I think I would love Colourpop's Satin lips. I hope they're similar to the matte ones!

  8. I have Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Bow N Arrow. It's so long lasting but it's so drying.
    I still feel like they're worth it tho haha!

  9. I haven't tried many liquid lipsticks that don't dry out my lips like crazy. I might try the Kat Von D ones as they sound quite good!
    Kathy x

  10. Colourpop has been KILLING IT!! Really loved seeing all your other liquid lipstick picks tho

    Passion Blog |

  11. Love the look of the NYX lipstick! I definitely need to top up my liquid lipsticks!

    Hannah | Oh January

  12. Thank you, i love the look of the nyx lipsticks too.


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