Friday, 3 June 2016

The Duo For Faking Fuller Lips

I'm sure I'm not the only one who occasionally dabbles in trying to fake a slightly fuller pout using various lip products. In fact, I've seen about a few hundred lip contouring videos on Instagram that would prove just that. I'll be honest, I'm guilty of stalking Kylie Jenner for just a few minutes too long and whilst I'd love to have slightly fuller lips, I'm not planning on getting lip fillers any time soon.

Every now and again I stumble upon a lip product or a lip product combo that really gives the illusion of fuller looking lips. The last few weeks I've been cheating my way to a fuller pout through careful overlining (emphasis on the careful) of my lips and then subsequent application of a nude lipstick. Recently, I've found a product combo that works absolute wonders for me in the lip department and has really helped me switch up my makeup game a bit.

The liner I've been using underneath the lipstick is MAC Whirl Lip Pencil. As I'm using a matte lipstick over the top (and a liquid one at that), lining my lips may seem massively redundant. However, lining my lips first with a sharp lip pencil means I have a better outline and since I've been overlining my lips ever so slightly, it's better to have a guide as opposed to just painting on the liquid lipstick and getting a less than precise line. The lip pencil is slightly darker than the lipstick itself but overall they're very similar colours. It's also a super creamy lip liner that doesn't tug at the lips and needless to say, it stays put!

My lipstick of choice has been the NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt, which I like so much that I've done a full review of it here. In short, this is basically a super affordable liquid lipstick that does what it says on the tin; goes on opaque in one coat and lasts pretty much all day! The shade of this is reminiscent of MAC's Velvet Teddy, so it's definitely a browny nude. I'm not sure what it is about this shade, but it really gives the appearance of fuller lips. Yes, overlining is involved but it's very minimal, so really the lipstick itself does a lot of the legwork! If you're after a nice, everyday nude liquid lipstick then this is definitely one to have a look at!

If you're anything like me and fancy having a dabble into what fuller lips would look like on you, these might be a duo to try! What are some of your favourite lip products for fuller-looking lips?



  1. i absolutely love the mac lip liner in whirl! i want to try the nyx liquid lipstick you mentioned really badly, all the colours in that collection look beautiful!

  2. I'll have to try this combo! I'm loving the look of fuller lips right now.

    xo, Liz

  3. My bottom lip is much fuller than my top one so I might try something like this on just my top lip to even them out! Great post, I need a nude lipliner stat x


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