Friday, 22 July 2016

One Year of Troves and Roses

It's hard to believe that it's already been a whole year since I started my little corner of the Internet. I'd been umming and ahhing over starting a blog for about three years. I even have lists of blog post ideas that predate my blog by about two years!

My blog means a lot to me and I think any blogger will say that the whole blogging thing is quite a journey! From figuring out HTML and social media, to tackling flatlays and photographing your food until it goes cold, there's a whole lot of faff that goes along with blogging. It is, however, such a great creative outlet and I love writing, so it's a given that I like that part too!

A year on and over 150 blogposts later, I've posted every week, three times a week. I got the due date for my dissertation wrong back in October and ended up having to write about 18,000 words in five days. Nonetheless, I still posted three times that week. I work really hard to uphold the schedule I set myself and that's definitely something I'm proud of! Now, I'm well aware that I might sound like I'm massively blowing my own horn here, but I very rarely give myself credit, and I think that it's alright to give yourself a good old pat on the back every now and again!

Of course another big part of blogging is the amazing blogging community. To the lovely, lovely people who read my blog, comment, tweet me an interact with me on my various social media: thank you so much! I get so inspired by the amazing blogs and Instagram feeds of the people in the blogging community. It's so fab to see such a creative group of people being independent and just doing their own thing on the Internet. I also really want to start being more active on Twitter and chat more to others, I'm just working on getting over my social media-shyness!

I think I'll keep this short and sweet so: Happy 1st Birthday, Troves and Roses! Here's to (hopefully) a whole lot more blogposts. Thank you again to all of you lovely readers who take the time out of your day to read my ramblings. I'm so appreciative of you! Have a lovely weekend! Happy Friday!

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday! That's amazing you kept to that schedule! Well Done!
    Lisa xxx

  2. Congratulation for hitting one year! I enjoy reading your blog because it's simple yet informative at the same time (also; pretty!pictures!). Hope to see more of you in the future ;)

    Not blog related but I can't imagine writing 18.000 in a week, you deserve a great pat on the back!

    Selene Addicted


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