Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wet 'n Wild Does Glow

It's rare that I see a new drugstore collection and promptly decide I need to try one of each product. However, when I spotted the Wet 'n Wild Megaglo collection, I was already convinced I needed all the products. I believe this collection has actually been out for a while in the US, but it's only just hit counters in Zurich recently. It's basically built around the theme of "glow" (as the name suggests) and consists of three multi-purpose glow sticks, two highlight powders and four metallic liquid lipsticks. I picked up one of each of the three products so I thought I'd do a little haul, show you some swatches and give you some little reviews!

Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals - Fun fact: I've actually been on the hunt for this since Kathleenlights mentioned it in a video back in May. When I spotted the range in the drugstore, it was the first thing I looked for. Predictably, it was completely sold out, but another half hour and a brief trip across town to another location and it was mine. The dedication is real. This product is absolutely gorgeous. It's a pretty champagney highlight that has some shimmer to it, but is mostly just sheen - my favourite! It was so cheap but it outshines a lot of my more expensive highlighters. It leaves your skin with such a lovely glow that lasts all day. If you only get one thing from this collection, let it be this!

Multi-Stick in Marigold Round - so this is basically a highlighter stick that you can use on your face, lips and eyes. I've only used it for the former, so I can rate its performance solely as a face highlight. Despite the fact that I keep buying cream highlighters, I really struggle with them. A lot of the time I feel like they move my foundation around if they're not creamy enough and they just end up making things look cakey and unflattering. I've managed to find some cream highlighters that work for my skin, but unfortunately this wasn't one of them. This managed to both remove my foundation from my cheekbones as well as make it cake up in other places. It emphasised my pores and really didn't look very good on my complexion. Whilst this is creamy and swatches quite well, it's not quite creamy enough for me to be able to blend it out into a nice, natural highlight. It's a shame because the shade is gorgeous. If you don't have issues with cream highlighters maybe this is the product for you, but for now I'll be putting this one aside.

Color Icon Metallic Liquid Lipstick in My Tulips are Sealed - I'll say right off the bat that this isn't a matte liquid lipstick like the ones we've grown to know and love. I've learnt that when drugstores say "liquid lipsticks" what they often mean is "thick, creamy gloss/lip cream hybrid". That's essentially my long-winded way of saying that this isn't matte, but has more of a creamy finish. The shade is gorgeous, I absolutely love it. It's kind of a golden, peachy pink and it looks lovely on the lips. I think it's also the kind of metallic lip that's great for people who are still a little scared of the metallic lipstick trend because it's not as bold as some of the other offerings I've tried. I'm tempted to try some of the other shades, but they're pretty much all reds and pinks in the Zurich counters, so I do wish there was a bit more variety! Aside from that, fab product and great for summer!

From left to right: Precious Petals, Marigold Round and My Tulips are Sealed.

So there we have it, a little roundup of the Wet 'n Wild Megaglo collection. I absolutely love Wet 'n Wild, I think they kill it with their product line and I love that they bring high-quality products, which you may not be able to find elsewhere, to the drugstore. I certainly haven't seen many metallic lip options in the drugstores in Zurich thus far! Have you tried any products from this collection?

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  1. Omg I so badly want to get my hands on the highlighter! Sadly that range won't be coming to us

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I have never used anything from wet n wild and that highlighter looks amazing!

  3. Precious Petals is so pretty! I can't get enough of highlighters lately.

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  4. Wet n Wild is an amazing brand and it sucks that they're not as readily available and inexpensive in NZ!! The highlights are so nice, something I really need
    Kathy x

  5. Reddit bought me here! Love this post hun! Glad I discovered your blog! Its so pretty! x

  6. I have been looking for the highlighting powders for months! My local drugstores don't seem to have anything from their summer collection, I might end up ordering them online instead.


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