Friday, 12 August 2016

Colourpop Haul & Swatches

So I may or may not have gotten a bit spendy over on the Colourpop website again recently. Sorry, not sorry. Their products are far too tempting for me to just be done after my first order. I wanted to make sure the shipping cost was worth it (I used a third person courier for delivery, see here for details) so I bundled together a fair few products that I had my eye on. So without further ado, here's what I got, my first impressions and a few swatches!


Colourpop's Super Shock Shadow formula is one of the best, if not the best, eyeshadow formula(s) I've ever tried. I'm not sure what kind of wizardry is behind it, but it's essentially an ultra-pigmented, buttery and blendable cream-powder hybrid that looks gorgeous on the lids. After trying two shades from my first order, I was hooked. This round I picked up the shades Hustle, a matte violet-burgundy shade, La La, a gorgeous metallic rose gold and Sequin, a copper shade with gold and silver glitter running through it. Sequin is one of those shades that has an almost wet, foiled look to it, which I absolutely love. So far all three eyeshadows look amazing and I'm really looking forward to trying them!

Kathleenlights Collab

I've said it before on the blog, but I'm rarely all that bothered about celebrity or influencer's collections or collaborations with brands. Kathleenlights, however has the ability to make me want to buy almost anything. The girl could sell me ice during an ice age. On top of that I just really love her content, and I find her hilariously entertaining. Pretty sure she could hold a lecture about paint drying and I'd still rock up. Ramble aside, when I saw her video about her collab with Colourpop, I ended up wanting to buy every single item from it. So guess what? I did! *rolls eyes at self*


The collection includes three Ultra Satin Lip shades, a formula that I hadn't tried yet. I'm usually a through and through super matte kinda gal when it comes to liquid lipstick but I really like this formula. It's akin to a matte lip cream, it's long lasting but doesn't dry down like a typical liquid lipstick does, meaning it's not as drying on the lips. I got the shades Point Zero, a cool toned grey brown, Alyssa, a neutral dusty pink and November, a mid-tone warm peachy pink. (Shade descriptions all taken from the website because I suck at describing them). They're all gorgeous shades, November is one in particular I wouldn't have usually gone for, but I'm really liking switching things up a bit.


I haven't really bought or worn eyeliner in years. Seriously, years. For some reason, when I saw swatches of the Mr. Bing Crème Gel Colour and Crème Gel Liner, I knew I had to have them. Why I needed the same colour in two formulas, I'm not quite as sure, however I do like having both. I've used these to create a warm brown cat-eye, drawing along my upper lashline with the gel liner and using the cream liner to create a flick and go over the lashline again. I didn't use any eyeshadow aside from skin-toned primer and topped it off with lashings of mascara. I really liked the look I ended up with, it was understated but still something a little different due to the warm tone of the liner. Highly recommend!

From left to right: Hustle, La La, Sequin, Mr. Bing Crème Gel Colour, Mr. Bing Cream Gel Liner, Point Zero, Alyssa and November.

Colourpop has yet to disappoint me with any of their range. Every time I use one of their makeup products I'm so impressed by the quality, especially considering that most of them cost around $5 on average. I really highly recommend giving their products a go, I know shipping isn't the most straightforward procedure if you're outside of the US (even now with the great, albeit pricey, international shipping) but I really think it's worth it. If you have any questions about shipping or anything like that, feel free to ask in the comments or via email!

Overall, I'm super chuffed with the products I ordered so far and I'm looking forward to using them all properly. I'll keep you posted on how I get on with them and potentially write some more in-depth reviews. Have you tried Colourpop?

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  1. I absolutely adore the shade Sequin! It looks like the most perfect Rose Gold!

    Sophie | It's Cultured xx

  2. I hear such good things about the ColourPop eyeshadows, I really wish they would become available in the UK though as they're so popular now! x

    Gemma Louise

  3. I really need to try out some Colourpop stuff they look so good! Great post lovely.

    Ella xx

  4. Alyssa looks really pretty! I've only tried the Lippie Stix from Colourpop, I want to try out their eyeshadows next x

  5. Lovely shades, colour pop is such a great brand!
    Kathy x

  6. I love these colors! I need to get off my lazy butt and make an order from colourpop. I have always heard such amazing things from this brand. Buying products online always makes me nervous though. Point Zero is so gorgeous! I cant imagine what it would look like on, but I definitely want to give it a try!

    Ashlee Liz


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