Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Whilst working in central Zurich has huge advantages, it also means I've developed a habit of being a little too spendy in my lunch break. In light of that, I've recently acquired quite the stash of drugstore makeup that I've happened upon in the last month or so. It's been ages since I last did a haul post, so that's what I'm going to do today!

Wet n' Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve your Cabana - If you're reading the name of that and wondering how the heck that's a bronzer - join the club. In my eyes, this is a highlighter and it's a gorgeous one at that. It imparts a subtle sheen to the skin and is great for those who don't want to emphasise pores or want a more every-day appropriate glow. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm & Transylvania - I've been buying so many of these lately! I used to dislike them, but the formula has really grown on me! They're not drying, they're pigmented and they last pretty well considering they don't completely dry down. These two shades are worlds apart, but they're both gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to wearing more dark shades!

NYX Extra Creamy Lipstick in Snow White - I'm not usually one for red lips but this really caught my eye. It's not too bright and it's not really a burgundy, it sits somewhere in between. It's also not a matte formula, which I realise is a little risky, given my track-record of eating and subsequently smudging lipstick down my chin. No harm in trying! I have yet to put this to the test, so perhaps you'll see this crop up in a future post. 

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadow in Gold Mania - I'll admit, I was bowled over by how pretty this looked. Did I need it? No. Was it really bloody expensive? Yes. Do I regret it? Nope. The design of this shadow gets an A* from me, it looks stunning in the pan! It also happens to be pigmented and swatches very promisingly. I shall keep you posted on how I get on with this!

Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Paint in Stripped Down - I hadn't heard about these or seen them anywhere. Apparently they're new, but in Switzerland you can never be too sure. (The other day I asked a lady at a makeup counter when the Smashbox liquid lipsticks would be getting to Switzerland. She said next year. Next. Year.) Either way, I decided to pick one of these up and in true eager-beaver makeup enthusiast fashion, proceeded to apply it right after purchasing in the shop mirror. Don't judge, we've all done it. This really is super pigmented and the colour is a lovely nude. The longevity is not great, as is to be expected from a gloss, but it definitely wears decently. All in all, a nice addition to my nude lip product stash!

Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette - I didn't have high hopes for this, given that it was an absolute steal but it just looked so pretty, I had to give it a try. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by it so far. It's definitely not one for those of you that like the super glowy highlight that you can see from afar, but much like the Wet 'n Wild, it caters to those looking for a more subtle sheen. The shade on the far right in the palette is the most glowy, the one in the middle is very subtle and the one on the very left is pretty much a slightly sheeny (but far too dark for my skin tone) setting powder. All in all a good palette that I think I'll get a lot of use out of!

So there we have it, the details on my latest drugstore makeup acquisitions. Despite being a fan of high-end makeup, I think I'll always be a drugstore gal at heart. There are just so many gems tucked away in those affordable, albeit cluttered, isles. What are some of your recent drugstore finds?

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  1. I'm such a fan of the wet n wild blush I would love to try their Bronzer too

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love Stripped Down, it's my favorite shade at the moment! Great haul, I also go shopping too often on my breaks!

  3. I love NYX, I'm currently loving the soft matte cream in Abu Dhabi, I am also obsessed with the NYX Suede range!

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Services

  4. I use this Wet n Wild bronzer as a highlighter too, ı'm in love with it!

  5. The essence palette looks so pretty! I need to try a NYX matte lip cream as I haven't tried them yet. I love how many colors are in the range!

    Carrie |

  6. Essence really have some nice products! This has just made me want to go out shopping haha
    Kathy x


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