Friday, 2 September 2016

Five Things to Look Forward to in Autumn

So, it's September now, apparently that's a thing. I already went on a mini-ramble about how I can't believe it's Autumn soon, so I shan't do that again, but seriously. I mean, seriously. Although part of me is sad to be waving the sunshine and tanned limbs of summer goodbye, mostly I'm eagerly overspending on fuzzy jumpers and hooded cardigans, whilst sporting dark lipsticks. So I guess you could say I'm a little excited? Which leads me onto the five things I'm looking forward to for autumn. (Disclaimer: I could not sound more basic in this post. You've been warned).

1. Chai - Oh my goodness Chai. It was too warm to drink it pretty much all summer and the iced version just feels wrong to me. As soon as the temperatures start to drop, my chai latte addiction returns with a vengeance. Most days you'll find me wide eyed and eagerly queueing in the nearest Starbucks. I don't even want to think about how much my bank balance is going to suffer from all that ridiculousness. Boo.

2. Dark colours - I'm not really one for colour in general, and as I'm sat here writing this, I'm dressed all in black despite the fact that it's nearing 25ÂșC outside and sunny. My sense of style fits far better into Autumn and winter. Also dark nail polish. Bring on the burgundy!

3. Berry lipsticks - I'm a huge sucker for a berry lip. I feel like I buy them like a crazy person and barely ever end up wearing them because I'm too scared/lazy/messy at eating. Recently I've been so much looking forward to cracking out the deeper lip shades though, so I feel like they're going to be a bit of an Autumn staple for me.

4. Copper eyeshadow - I LOVE copper eyeshadow. Last year MAC's Coppering eyeshadow was almost all I used for a solid portion of Autumn. I have blue eyes, so copper tones and warm bronze shades are super flattering on my eye colour, but I feel like there's a shade of copper/bronze eyeshadow for pretty much everyone out there. The warm toned shades also have a habit of making you look a bit cooler than you really are. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, I'm super on board with it.

5. Colourful leaves - Okay, I know there are probably about 20 more things that people look forward to about Autumn that are more interesting than the leaves changing colour but this is my list so there you go: leaves. In all seriousness, I associate the changing of the leaves with my favourite time of year and making piles of leaves and jumping in them as a kid. I grew up in London, so you know, sometimes there was dog poo in there, but mostly it was just really fun. Also my birthday is September 25th, so the leaves changing reminds me that it's time to oh so subtly drop gift hints to my friends and family for a week or two. The lovely shades of autumn leaves also make for pretty photos, so that's a plus too. 

A snap of my pup from last Autumn.

I'm just realising now that I forgot candles. Candles are great too (I have a mild to medium addiction to candles), so there's an added extra. So now that you know about my basicness, what are some of the things you're looking forward to in autumn? I'd love to know, also because I've probably forgotten about ten! Have a lovely weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. I love love love copper shadows during Autumn time! Also wearing darker clothing pieces is also more appropriate haha
    Kathy x

  2. Chai latte is thing of magic, of course you will be addicted to them ;) Can't wait for all darker lips colors to pop here and there!

    Selene Addicted


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