Friday, 28 October 2016

Life Lately | Changes, Chai and a Chat

It hasn't been all that long since my last life lately post, but today I fancied a bit of a ramble. This will probably read about as smoothly as a pothole riddled road, but we're just going to go with it!

First off, I need to take a moment to just appreciate autumn. I'm currently sitting in Starbucks on my lunch break, chai latte at the ready, with the sun warming my knee (just my knee, dw, no sun damage for me, thanks). I LOVE autumn when it's so pretty and sunny but still cold. I'm not one for tropical climates and if there are no chances of getting a tan, I'm not that interested in warm weather. Autumn is much more my thing and I'm loving cracking out the warm jumpers and figuring out how to wear dresses in 5 degree weather. V. important stuff. Also is anyone else buying more clothes than they could ever reasonably need?

I've mentioned this before, but I'm currently doing an internship. I love it and I'm very sad that it's slowly, but surely, drawing to a close. So with that goes the question of what I'll do next. I'm currently looking at jobs and internships in London, and considering the big ol' move from Zurich, back to merry England. Scary but also something I've wanted to do for ages. I love Switzerland, but I grew up in London, so I think I'll always feel like I fit in there just a tiny bit better. First off I need to actually find a job, however!

Another (far less significant) area of uncertainty in my life stems from my hair. I'm so sick of it and for the hundredth time: I want to bleach it! I'm such a huge baby, though. I'm terrified that I'll have an allergic reaction or seriously irritate my scalp. It has, however, gotten to the point where, when I'm clothes shopping, I'll envision the outfits with my new hair (which I don't have) and decide, purely based on the fact that the two would pair really well, that I'll go for said outfit. I am fully aware that it makes zero sense, but I like to think I'm being pragmatic. And super extra, but, you know.

I am also going to London next weekend (as in, first week of November) and I'm so much looking forward to it! I get to see my sister and my friends and buy even more clothes. (I jest, I need to chill with the clothes). Also Space.N.K. And Pret. Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps, too. On a more related note: are there any drugstore beauty bits I should check out whilst I'm there? Space.N.K. recs would also be greatly appreciated! I keep up with a whole lotta beauty bloggers and vloggers but I've been out of the British beauty game for a while now!

I'll wrap this up before I start talking about how much I've been spending on chai (it's a gross amount, don't even ask) and/or stop making sense. I hope this has been somewhat entertaining to read (hmm) and if you have any answers to my many questions and/or recommendations for my London jaunt, then please leave them below! Have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday!

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