Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Lazy Girl's Brow Duo

When I see the vast array of products some people employ to achieve their enviable brows, I shed a tiny tear. Partly because I know I'll probably never possess the skill to create an arch quite the way they do and partly because even if I did, I'm too bloody lazy to do it. I do, however, take brows very seriously and I'd sooner go out without mascara (even though about a third of my lash hairs (ew) are blonde, ergo invisible) than without filling in my brows. In light of this, I've developed a lazy routine featuring two trusty products that are easy enough to use that I can drink my morning tea on the side, without compromising the result.

Urban Decay Brow Beater - This is what I imagine the Anastasia Brow Wiz would be like if I ever actually bothered to order it online (again, lazy). The pencil is super fine, which curbs even my overly-enthusiastic drawing tendencies and leaves things looking nice and natural. It's pigmented, it's a great, cool-toned shade and it has a spoolie on the end, which I'm very grateful for. If I ever do end up looking like Helga from Hey Arnold, I just aggressively brush through my brows with the spoolie to tone things back down.

L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper - If I'm feeling even lazier than usual (or, conversely, if you are someone who isn't all that bothered about their brows) this is a great one used all on it's own. It fixes things in place but also contains tiny little fibres to cheat a bit of extra fullness, which I'm sure everyone who overplucked in their teens is grateful for. It looks natural and fixes your brows in place all day. Pretty decent for under £6!

I know I've nattered on about these products far too much already, but I wanted to just put them both in one place and in one post, in case other lazy, unruly-browed kindred spirits were looking for some suggestions! Are you someone who pulls out all the stops in terms of brows? What're some of your favourite brow products?

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