Monday, 17 October 2016

The Velvet Shoe Edit

I have well and truly been bitten by the velvet bug. I truly struggle to think of a more impractical material to be toting throughout the rainy autumn and snowy winter season here in Zurich, but did that stop me? Nah. In the last few months I have accumulated not one, no two but four pairs of velvet shoes. They're just so beautiful and I love them all!

Believe you me, I know this is a tad excessive but I can count on one hand the number of pairs of shoes I've bought in the last five years, and I was constantly being told by friends and family (at first gently, and then firmly) to throw away my old shoes and buy some new ones. Now, I'm fairly sure they didn't mean velvet shoes, that tend to dislike anything other than very dry weather, but oh well.

I thought I'd do a little shoe haul today (spoiler alert: they're all from Zara) so if you're looking for a nice velvet foot adornment you might find one (or four) you like!

When I saw these red velvet boots I knew I had to have them. I believe I saw them on the Zara website first and dismissed them as just being "too impractical" (even though I'd already established a fairly extensive velvet shoe collection by this point). Then, however, I saw them in person and my oh my are they pretty. They're pretty high for me, someone who only wears heels when there is a calculated, short distance to be walked, void of any alcoholic beverage. The heel is, however, large enough to make walking an easy enough task. I had to go a size up in these and got a size 40, but I'd say try in store before you buy! Also if you have any suggestions on what kinds of outfits these boots would pair well with, please help! I am still brainstorming!

This is probably the most "grown-up" looking pair of shoes I own. They're basically blue velvet heels, but the velvet is shorter (if that makes sense?) so they almost look like suede. I really love how these look paired with looser fitting jeans to add a bit of classiness to an otherwise slobbish outfit and the heel is small and wide enough for me to have been able to classify these as "everyday appropriate shoes". Love!

These red velvet sneakers were the gateway drug to my velvet shoe habit. I saw them on the website (or in store? Who really knows, I'm in Zara too much) and then saw them on someone with very cool style and kind of decided I needed them. They're probably the most casual of the bunch and the platform sole makes them look a little cooler as I find that velvet can go from cute to frumpy pretty fast. Now, not to alarm you, but the first time I wore these shoes, they wrecked my feet. I put on a Compeed to do some damage control and they tore right through the Compeed and the subsequent normal plaster I put on top of the Compeed! I do, however, get blisters from almost ever pair of shoes at first, so bear that in mind. Now that I've broken them in, they're much better too!

These blue velvet loafers are by far the shoes I've gotten the most wear out of. I think I've worn these almost every week at least once since I got them, I absolutely love them! They look like slippers but since I'm all about this "pyjama chic" thing that's going on right now, I'm totally okay with that. Another pair of shoes that gave me blisters the first time I wore them, but now they're super duper comfy. These weren't too pricey either and I've already gotten loads of wear out of them. Yeah, I'm good at justifying purchases.

So there we have it, a haul and me moonlighting as a shoe model. If at any point you look at the photos and wonder why it looks as though my shoes are too big on one foot and fit the other then it is because I have one foot almost a whole size bigger than the other. Yes, really. Shoe shopping is hard. What do you think of the whole velvet shoe trend? Would you wear any of these? Let me know!

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  1. I realllly want a pair of velvet boots in my closet. I love your red ones!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. I love velvet this time of year!

    xo, Liz

  3. The powder blue heels and loafers are just soooooooo pretty, I probably pinned them each twice. Great picks!

    Selene Addicted

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