Friday, 25 November 2016

Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette | Review & Swatches

When I saw the Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette crop up online, I practically ran to Cult Beauty to see if it was still in stock. Thankfully it was (and still is!), so I snapped it up and a mere few days later it had arrived at my doorstep. Not totally related, but if you're looking to buy beauty that's not that easy to find elsewhere, I highly, highly recommend Cult Beauty. They ship to me (in Switzerland) at a more than reasonable price and deliver the products quickly and efficiently. Just all-round fab. In no way affiliated with them (I wish!), just a little recommendation!

Anyway, the palette. Isn't it just a thing of beauty? It features three highlight shades in a sturdy plastic compact, complete with a mirror. The first shade, Transcendence is a gorgeous pinky colour and whilst I'm a big fan of pink-toned highlighters, this one has just a smidge too much glitter in it for me. The real reason I bought this palette, if I'm being honest, is for the middle shade, Kitten. This is the most famous colour Stila make and it's one of their bestsellers across numerous different formulations. This is a shimmery, nude pink that is just the glowiest thing ever. It's pure sheen and it's one of the most gorgeous highlighters I've ever seen. Last, but most certainly not least, we have Bronze, a, you guessed it, shimmery bronze shade. This is one I imagine looking really gorgeous on deeper skin tones too. It's not too glittery and the pigmentation is fab.

Now, onto the formula. This is another point that really intrigued me about this palette. They're described as "a trio of sumptuous, buttery powders, which grant skin a 'soft focus' glow". I would definitely not describe these as powders. If you push down on them lightly, you can make a dent in them as they have such a soft, bouncy texture. They're like little pillows and it's the most bizarre thing but in the greatest way. They're a cream/powder hybrid and I'm still figuring out the best way to apply them. I don't think you get the best result with a brush and so far I've had better success at picking up pigment with my finger and tapping it onto the skin. I do think that it's kind of down to personal preference, though.

These look really pretty on the skin and last well throughout the day too. I tend to struggle with cream highlighters, due to my combination skin, but the fact that these are more of a hybrid and have some elements of a powder in them, they don't leave my skin looking too shiny at all.

From left to right: Transcendence, Kitten and Bronze.
Overall, I'm pretty darn impressed with this palette. Not only is it pretty good value for money (the pans are generous and come in at a grand total of just over £10 each), but the quality of the highlighters is great and the formula is such an interesting one. Have you seen this palette online? Is it one you're thinking about picking up? Let me know! Have a fantastic weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. i love the texture of these highliters, it is quite unique !
    Kitten is absolutely my favorite but i do like them all.


  2. Shades look so pigmented and beautiful!


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