Monday, 28 November 2016

Three Illuminating Primers

The colder months are particularly rough on my complexion. Things start getting more than a little dry and dullness tends to put a damper on many a makeup look. The main way I like to fight this winter facial fatigue is by cracking out my illuminating primers. Even though you put foundation over them, they give the skin such a lovely radiance and make you look like you've been drinking green juice for a week. Pretty good deal, if you ask me! Here's a little roundup of three illuminating bases I've been loving a whole lot lately.

MAC Strobe Cream in Goldlite - The original Strobe Cream has gotten a bit of a makeover and has a few new siblings. Each one reflects a different pigment, Goldlite, being gold. This is one that just gives the skin a really lovely radiant glow that also looks great when mixed in with foundation. It hydrates without being overly greasy and isn't going to make your face look like a glitter ball. A fab soft radiance that is very much appreciated during the chilly months!

Dior Glow Maximiser - I've only just realised that this has been discontinued and I'm completely gutted. This, I suppose, has absolutely no purpose to you now, as you can't pick it up, but if you do see this lying around at a counter, snap it up! I won't go on too much, because, you know, discontinued and that, so basically it's just a lovely, sheeny base that really glues your makeup to your skin. Very much hoping that Dior either brings this back or creates something similar!

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base - How gorgeous is the packaging of this, I mean really? Yes, this one is very much 'up there' in price, but you get what you pay for, which in this case is a gorgeous luminous primer that makes your complexion look healthy and glowy. It's another one that doesn't look overly shimmery at all, but is pretty much pure sheen, and we know how much I love that!

There we have it, three illuminating primers that are bound to perk up your autumn/winter complexion. For those with dryness, this can also be a good step to add some much-needed moisture to your base, just make sure you go for the more hydrating options! What're some of your favourite illuminating primers?

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  1. The burberry primer is goooorgeous! I love the packaging too :) They came out with a gold holiday edition packaging and I swooned over it :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. Ugh, Burberry Fluid Glow! I really want to get one in gold since it goes better with my skintone. I rec Paul&Joe moisturizing primer or The Body Shop's vitamin c radiance enhancer!

    Selene Addicted

  3. Mac Strobe cream is my favorite highlighter ever ! i have never tried the Burberry one but i have heard great things about it !


  4. I love Burberry products - and this is making me want to go in for another!

    Have you tried Becca's backlight primer? I'm using that at the moment but wondered how it compared to these three!


    1. Burberry products just look so gorgeous, I'd definitely like to add a few more to my stash! No, I haven't tried it, sorry! I hear great things about it, though, so maybe I'll check it out! :) xo


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