Monday, 26 December 2016

A Big Colourpop Haul

So, little heads up, this is by far the biggest Colourpop haul I've done so far. Is the amount of stuff I got slightly ridiculous? Yes, yes it is. But! It was during the Cyber Monday sale when I placed all of these items into my basket and they were all 20% off along with free international shipping. So really it was a bloody bargain. In my eyes, anyway! So enough justifying, let's chat about what I actually picked up.

This was the first time I purchased any of Colourpop's sets and seeing as I'm a huge sucker for neutrals and peachy tones, the two I bought were right up my street. The rest of the things I got are bits that I've been meaning to get for a while now, but had been waiting on free international shipping for. If you require the international shipping from Colourpop, I'd strongly advise waiting until they have one of their promotional offers going on. It then ends up being $5 for international shipping or completely free above $50. Not half bad! Here's what I got.

Just Peachy Lip Bundle - This purchase was absolutely necessary. I know that these are the type of shades you look at and roll your eyes, thinking they're all exactly the same, but once you swatch them you see that they really are very different! The set features the Ultra Matte Lips in Instigator and Speed Dial and the Ultra Satin Lip in Screenshot. They are all peachy nudes, but if that's something you're into, these are a fantastic trio!

Peachy Keen Eyeshadow Quad - I'm a big fan of neutral eyeshadows, so this set was yet another very important purchase for me (priorities). It features the Super Shock Shadows in Crimper (the only metallic shade of the bunch), Kennedy, Cornelious, and Bandit (which are all matte shadows). I actually thought Kennedy, the very peachy orange shade would be my fave, but it is actually a very pastel orange, so that's one that may take a little bit of trial and error for me. The standouts to me are Cornelious (which is actually one of Kathleenlights' collab shades), the matte light brown and Crimper, the metallic gold. Bandit is pretty gorg too, though.

Matte X Lippie Stix in Chateau - This. Is. So. Pretty! If you like your mattes to be really really matte, this is a formula to try. I don't think I've ever tried such a matte formula with such intense and fantastic pigment. Chateau is a blackened burgundy shade and it's absolutely gorgeous for this time of year. I plan on cracking it out tonight for my extended family's get together and don't doubt that it will do a great job of holding up despite the copious amounts of wine and snacks.

Ultra Metallic Lip in Salt & Man Eater - If you follow along with Colourpop releases, then you might have seen their metallic lip shades and the subsequent mixed reviews a little while ago. For starters these were all sold out for ages and on top of that I really wasn't sure if they'd be any good. I've tried them on and off over the space of a few days and subsequently had a mild allergic reaction where my top lip was very dry for about a week. That did, however, coincide with my office's Christmas party where I was outside in the freezing cold and then subsequently prancing about on the dance floor until one in the morning with very minimal lip balm application. I have yet to try these again but purely from the formula point of view, I'd say that these are a satin finish, with Salt being more of a rose gold and Man Eater more of a copper. Will update you on these once I try them a bit more!

Super Shock Shadow in Melrose - I believe I saw this on Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty's blog (which I highly recommend checking out, if you somehow haven't heard of her yet!) and the swatches looked so gorgeous that I knew I needed to pick it up. It's a gorgeous, super warm, browny-orange matte shadow and I think it'll look lovely with blue eyes. Definitely a great one to have in your collection!

Pearlised Highlighter in Churro - Okay, if you're at all interested in this highlighter, please go and look at the photo of it on the website - it's a thing of beauty! As you may have noticed, I was incredibly good and didn't touch and of the other products for about a week, so I could photograph them looking nice and new for you guys, but Churro arrived smashed in the mail. This has happened numerous times with my Colourpop orders and it's also NBD because the formula is so soft you can literally meld the product back together with your fingers, which is what I did here. The downside: the gorgeous design is a thing of the past. Nonetheless, it remains a stunning champagney-gold highlight that looks absolutely stunning on the face. (But seriously, google image that shiz).

Phew - we made it! I know this was a long one, so apologies, but if you love Colourpop as much as me, I hope that this has delivered some inspo for your next order! I am totally aware that this is a lot of makeup, but I don't buy a lot of luxury makeup so I tend to save my pennies for Colourpop, as it's just such fantastic quality for such an affordable price! Have you picked up anything from Colourpop recently? I hope you're all having a fab Boxing Day!

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