Friday, 23 December 2016

An Early Merry Christmas & A Thank You

I was going to post a haul today (stay tuned for that next week!) but I decided I couldn't let Christmas pass without so much as a Merry Christmas post. Things haven't been all that festive around these parts in comparison to last year and my lame excuse for that is honestly that it seemed to whiz around so fast that I barely even realised! The age-old blogger cliché, but it really did!

Another reason is that I've just been so darn busy in comparison to last year. Last year I'd whine and mope about uni work but really I had a load of free time and such long holidays! Working full time now definitely takes a toll and it means that if my blog photos for the week aren't all taken during the weekend there ain't going to be any blog posts. Thanks near-constant winter darkness!

Christmas shopping has felt like one mad rush this year, with my purchases strewn across the month so haphazardly that I can barely remember which gifts I got for which person. I haven't even sat down to begin the wrapping or card-DIY-ing process. That's what Christmas eve day and mulled wine are for, I suppose!

I also did just want to take a minute to be massively sappy and say a big thank you to those of you that regularly tune into my ramblings, be they about beauty or other, and have a read or even comment. It's so lovely (and still slightly surreal) to me that people read the little posts I put together and I still love blogging so much, so it makes it even lovelier! Right, that's it for the sap, sorry!

So anyway, to give this muddled stream of consciousness some kind of structure, let's conclude: Merry Merry (early) Christmas (or just happy end of December if you don't celebrate Christmas!) and thank you for a lovely year of blogging! I hope you all have an absolutely lovely festive, wintery weekend and I'll be back on Monday with some (hopefully) more New Year's themed content! Have a lovely weekend and happy Friday!

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