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How to maintain Platinum/Silver Hair

How to maintain Platinum/Silver hair, how to stop silver hair going yellow, platinum hair products, haircare

If you follow me on social media, you may well have seen that I dyed my hair (see here). It was an idea I'd been toying with for absolutely ages and I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair a silvery platinum colour. I knew back then that I was choosing a high maintenance 'do, but I was not aware just how challenging the upkeep is until post-platinum. Through trial and error (and recommendations from anyone who was willing to listen to me whinge about my hair looking "too yellow" for the tenth time) I've found a trio of products that do a pretty stellar job at keeping my hair silver and warding off the yellow pigment that can creep in very easily when you have hair so light.

Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse 9, 5-1 - This was recommended to me by someone who has been in the silver hair game and knows her stuff. I bought this straight away and, after being somewhat alarmed at the "semi-permanent" bit, slapped it on my head. You use this after you wash your hair normally and apply it to towel-dry tresses. You then let it sit, shorter for a brief freshening of your hair colour, and longer for more colour. This does a good job and bringing your hair back some of the ashiness you want with super light hair colours and brings the cool tone back. Not too pricey either!

L'Oreal Série Expert Silver Shampoo - I quizzed my hairdresser on which silver shampoo was the best and she informed me that this was the one. It was also the product she washed my hair with at the end of my colouring process. Apparently this is one of the strongest, if not the strongest silver shampoos on the market. I lather this up in my hair and let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it out. As it was the first time I bleached my full head of hair, I have some strands that are still a bit more blonde and some that are straight up white. The very light strands are basically pastel purple (very, very, very light, so don't worry!) after I use this shampoo, so that goes to show how well it works! I honestly use this pretty much every time I wash my hair, which isn't great but once I get my hair redone and it has less yellow from my natural blonde hair colour left in it, I should hopefully only have to use this once or twice every two weeks.

Guhl Silver Conditioner - After I use the L'Oreal shampoo, my hair often feels like a giant matted knot. My hair gets so much more knotty and tangled now that I've bleached it, so I don't welcome new knots. I put this on my hair after shampooing and it does such a great job at nourishing the ends of the hair, which can get pretty dry post-bleach. This also has a purple tint to it, which means it enhances the cool tones in your hair and minimises yellowness. It leaves my hair super soft and smells absolutely amazing!

So there we have it, the trio of hair-savers that have been doing a fab job at maintaining my very high-maintenance hair. If any of you have experience with very light hair and how to keep it the colour and quality in good condition, I'd love to hear any tips you have! And for anyone considering dying their hair: yes, it's expensive, yes, it's high-maintenance, but I don't regret it at all! I'm so chuffed with the result and I think it's great to experiment with your hair. After all, if you really don't like it, it grows back! What are some of your fave haircare bits?

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  1. I've been a platinum blonde for 2.5 years now and I've tried so many products! The Wella T-18 toner is my favourite - I used to use it every time I did my roots, but I sadly developed an allergy to it so I had to switch to something more gentle. But it's the most effective thing at maintaining that silvery blonde. One of my favourite tips is to mix a tiny bit of purple hair dye (Manic Panic works great) with conditioner and use that as a toner. You only have to leave it on for 5-10 minutes and it really takes down the brassiness. So far the best purple shampoo I've found is called Light Blue Shade. With everything else I've used my hair does get considerably yellow by about a month after I apply toner, but Light Blue Shade keeps it super platinum. Oh yeah, a deep conditioner is absolutely necessary for bleached hair, especially when you've been bleaching it for years. This hair colour is definitely tricky to maintain, but it looks so good when done right!

    1. Wow, thank you for your detailed advice! It's so nice to hear from a platinum pro! I've been considering mixing purple dye in with toner, but I don't want to use too much and end up with purple hair. Deffos, I think conditioner is a must have for bleached hair and I totally agree with you, bleached hair is a toughie to maintain but so worth it! Will try to track down those two products, thank you! :) xo


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