Friday, 2 December 2016

Rome in Photos

If you keep up with my Instagram, you may have seen that I spent a long weekend in Rome last week. I think it's been four years since I flew somewhere that wasn't the UK, so needless to say, I was very much looking forward to this trip. I'd never been to Rome before last weekend, so I did a whole lot of touristy stuff. I thought it'd be nice to document the (amazing) things I saw and put together a little photo post. Little disclaimer: I consider myself not terrible when it comes to taking photos of makeup. Not the best, but definitely not awful. My photography skills overall, however, are definitely somewhat lacking, so please excuse some of the dodgy photographs in this post! I thought it'd be a nice memory nonetheless and I hope you can somewhat enjoy seeing what I got up to too!

I wont blabber on about each individual photo because, let's be honest, we'd be sat here all day. So here are a (very small) selection of photos documenting my long weekend in Rome!

Me determinedly traipsing along in my wildly oversized outfit.

Pasta photos are practically compulsory when you're in Italy. The bags of pasta sold at this little shop were too pretty not to photograph!

The Pantheon.

Trevi Fountain.

The wall surrounding the Vatican. We walked for absolutely ages until we finally figured out how to actually get in (although us finding the entrance was only because we asked two police officers).

The Vatican Museum.

I mainly included this because I thought it was quite amusing that my hair was so white, I kind of look invisible in this photo. Probably only amusing to me!

The gorgeous, gorgeous Vatican.

And some more gorgeousness.
Like I said, a pretty streamlined collection of photos. I was honestly so astounded by how beautiful the old buildings and landmarks in Rome are. They really are especially impressive when you consider how old they are! We also went to the Colosseum, which was equally amazing and you can see on my Instagram (nice shameless plug for you there!).

On a completely separate note, Rome also has Sephoras. A whole lot of them as it happens. I accumulated a nice collection of Sephora bags from the makeup that I also managed to accumulate on this trip. Ergo expect a Sephora haul on the blog soon!

I hope this has been somewhat interesting to you and I promise to try to improve my photography the next time (or rather if and when) I do another one of these posts! Have you been to Rome? Anywhere I should check out if I go back? Let me know! Have a lovely weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. It looks stunning! The detail on the buildings is incredible.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | GIVEAWAY Win ABH & More

  2. I love the architecture!! So pretty. I would love to visit Rome one day. :)

    Fatima -


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