Monday, 5 December 2016

The Winter Orange Edit

Whilst bright orange is a colour I crack out regularly during the summer months, it's the more rusty, burnt orange shades I reach for during the winter. Recently I've found myself gravitating towards orange tones, be they on my lips, eyes, cheeks or nails and the result of that has been me digging out old favourites as well as picking up a few new additions for my orange bounty. I'm calling these "winter oranges", regardless of whether I've "coined" that term or it's actually a thing! So without further ado: here are seven of the products that I've been loving lately!

H&M Eye Shadow in Orange Ochre - I remember when I first picked this up last year. It was probably one of the boldest eyeshadow choices I'd ever made but I was immediately obsessed with the shade. It's not the butteriest of formulas and it can take a little elbow grease to blend, but that tends to be the case with matte shadows in shades like this. I love using this through the crease or on the outer corner of my eye to warm up a makeup look. This looks absolutely amazing with blue eyes, too!

Colourpop Supershock Eye Shadow in Elixir - This is one of the products from my most recent, wine-fuelled Colourpop order. (I have since placed another order after seeing their Cyber Monday sale and the free international shipping if you spend $50. Whoops. Expect a haul!). I've really liked using this as a transition shade as it's a muted enough orange to work really well and pull together an eye look. The formula of these shadows is amazing and they blend fabulously.

O.P.I Nail Polish in Freedom of Peach - I know that this is technically more of a peach than a burnt orange, but the reason I was drawn to this shade is because it somehow still seemed reminiscent of the autumn/winter season. The peach is just "dirty" enough to avoid being a summer pastel and it ends up being a kinda cool one on the nails. Definitely not my usual shade of choice but an interesting one nonetheless!

H&M Nail Polish in Brickwork - I'm writing this the day after purchasing this, as I was previously wearing the O.P.I Freedom of Peach polish and wanted one that had just a little more brown to it. The H&M polish shade selection is pretty darn amazing, so I immediately found a shade that was almost exactly what I was looking for. This one definitely has a whole lot more brown to it and I think it'll be a bit of a marmite shade for many, but I really like it. The opacity is good but from my experience, these polishes do tend to vary in longevity, so the jury's still out on that one!

Essie Nail Polish in Playing Koi - This is slightly darker and more browny/red than Brickwork, but still maintains the whole rusty orange thing. Although it looks like it'd be very orange on the nails, it actually leans far more brown once actually applied, so have a look at nail swatches online if you're thinking about picking it up. The formula is on par with the rest of Essie's lineup, so it's a pretty decent one indeed.

Colourpop Blush in Bardot - I've harped on about this numerous times on the blog since getting it and I believe it was also in my most recent favourites post. So, to reiterate, I really like this! It's a beautiful colour that I wouldn't necessarily have thought to use as a blush. It's a shimmery, coppery, reddy orange and looks gorgeous on the cheeks. The longevity of this is also really great and it outperforms a fair few of my more expensive blushers.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Mama - In photos this looks like a bright orangey red, but in person it has just a tiny hint of brown to it, which, to me, makes it a great shade for this season. If you've never tried any of Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lips before, they're essentially your usual liquid lipstick, but extremely matte, extremely long-lasting and extremely drying. Those who prefer their lip products to have a bit of moisture to them may want to avoid this, but for those who, like me, like to apply a lipstick once and not have to worry about it for at least half the day: this one's fab!

Can you tell that I'm somewhat obsessed with these shades? Whenever I go to the drugstore or pass a makeup counter, it's these shades I tend to keep an eye out for. I'm on the hunt for a great burnt orange lip shade that leans slightly to the brown side, so if you have any recommendations I'd be super grateful! Have you been embracing winter orange shades?

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  1. Love these hues!

    xo, Liz

  2. I love orange in the Winter, it's kinda like wearing mint in the Winter. It's just that touch edgier with minimal effort.
    I'm addicted to Playing Koi, I wish they'd make it permanent.
    Laura //

  3. I have Bardot from Colourpop and it is such a pretty shade, im not sure I can pull it off but I bought it and love it x

  4. I'm obsessed with the OPI nail polish shade, it's so pretty.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve


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