Friday, 13 January 2017

New In: Glowy Beauty from Catrice

Catrice is a drugstore brand I keep going back to for their fantastic quality, super affordable products. If you're a regular reader, you'll know I firmly believe that good makeup does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. I'm a regular in the aisles of the drugstore and I love finding new makeup that performs amazingly and doesn't make a dent in my bank balance.

I recently traipsed through the drugstore in the city and found Catrice's new Prêt-à-Lumière collection perched on the "new in" section of the counter. Although I tried to ignore it, the fact that it's basically an entire collection based around glowy products, meant I gave in pretty quickly. I walked out with three of the products from the collection, and I've been playing around with them for the last two weeks, so I thought I'd give you some first impressions!

Highlighting Powder in Luminous Lights - Yes, I bought another highlighter, I have way too many and so on and so forth. This stood out to me because it has a pink luminescence to it, making it a slightly more unusual find at the drugstore. I was super excited to try it out after swatching it in store. Unfortunately, I ended up being slightly disappointed with this. The powder really isn't finely milled enough to give you the kind of pigment and colour payoff you'd need to really get a glow when you highlight. Even when swatching it you have to press down on the powder pretty hard and then press on your hand pretty hard to transfer the product. That means that when you do try to dig in there with a brush, there's not much you're getting out of it. A fact I apparently missed or chose to ignore when I bought it. I'll have to see if this works better with a dampened brush!

Illuminating Serum Primer - I was so intrigued by this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like not all that many drugstore brands come out with products like this. The packaging is meh, the dropper doesn't really seem to "suck up" much product, as the serum is fairly thick, so I'm not sure that was the most practical choice but hey ho. It's essentially a light, priming serum with a lotta shimmer in it. It's recommended you wear this alone (?) or mix with foundation to boost the radiance of your base. I will probably do neither and use it as a primer, since that is what is in the product name! I have yet to use this on my face, because I'm a little wary of trying primers on work days. If it goes bottoms up, you're stuck with a greasy/cakey/dry complexion for the rest of the day. Planning to try this during an at-home day. Will keep you posted.

Vinyl Gloss-In-Stick in Strobe in Rosewood - For me, this is the highlight (no pun intended) of this whole glow collection. Yes, okay, it's not technically a "glow" product so to speak, but it is a part of their lineup and I think for good reason. It's a sheer, glossy lipstick in a lovely rosy pink shade that really does give your lips a bit of a healthy glow. I always go on about matte lipsticks and they tend to be the ones I buy most, but really, when I'm out and about, it's the tinted balms or the gloss sticks I reach for, as they're just more hydrating and easier to apply (given they're not a bold shade!). Definitely one I'll keep using!

Slightly mixed feelings on this lineup so far! There definitely wasn't anything I was horrified by and flung across the room in anguish, but the highlighter was somewhat underwhelming. If you do pick one of these things up, right now I'd say your best bet is the glossy lipstick, if that's something you're into. It's a lovely handbag product and it's super affordable. Jury's still out on that primer!

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  1. I've never heard of this brand! I wonder if they sell it in the US!
    Nice post :-)


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