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Five Simple Steps that Transformed my Skin

Five Simple Steps that Transformed my Skin, how to improve your skin, easy steps for better skin

Getting clear skin has been an uphill battle for me for years. Like most people, I spent a good portion of my teens and early twenties battling various breakouts and trying to remedy the situation by slathering on different creams and potions. Over time I've found out more about what works and what doesn't work for my skin and through incorporating small, simple steps into my routine, I saw a visible difference in my complexion. I thought I'd write up a little post about what I do to try to keep my skin clear. Bear in mind: this is what works for me but skin and skincare is so individual so trial and error is the best way to figure out what'll work wonders for your own skin! Here are five easy things that changed my skin for the better!

1. Double cleansing - I did this for about a year and then stopped out of sheer laziness before starting again and seeing a dramatic positive change in my skin. The process of double cleansing literally entails cleansing twice, more commonly in the evening. I like to cleanse with my more budget-friendly cleanser first, to remove the bulk of my makeup. I then go in with my more expensive cleanser and cleanse my skin again, so that I'm not just using the pricier one to rid my face of makeup, but to really make sure my skin reaps the benefits of the product. You'd be surprised at how much makeup and dirt is left on your face after the first cleanse, the second one helps to remove those last scraps and to really nourish the skin. Also, how many more times can I say cleanser? Cleanser.

2. Flannels - Alright, this may seem like a painfully obvious one to some people, but it made the world of difference to me when I started using flannels for cleansing. It really helps to properly remove the makeup on your skin, more so than just splashing your face with water. A few important things: do not go at your face with the flannel like you're scrubbing the floor - being gentle is key, so don't tug at your skin. You should also be using a new flannel every day, which is something that was drilled into my mind by Caroline Hirons. If you've removed your makeup with a flannel the night before, you just don't want to be using it to cleanse your clean face the next day. Bacteria builds up very quickly and you definitely don't want that on your face. Like underwear: new flannel every day.

3. Exfoliating toner - One of the things I struggle most with in terms of my skin, is texture. From far away my skin will look fine and clear but once it catches the light, you can see little bumps. These are basically just a bit of a nightmare to get rid of, but something that I've found has helped to somewhat retexture my skin are exfoliating toners. These are toners that contain very small quantities of acids that help to exfoliate your skin. Sounds scary, but it's really not. You can go for a slightly milder one or one that packs more of a punch, depending on what you're looking for. I always notice a big difference if I start using an exfoliating toner again after a long period of using a different product. My skin always seems much smoother and more refreshed. When you do use exfoliating toners, your skin will be slightly more sensitive to light, so make sure to slap on that SPF during the day!

Five Simple Steps that Transformed my Skin, how to improve your skin, easy steps for better skin

4. Facial oil - As someone with combination/oily skin, I feel as though I'm preprogrammed to run away screaming when confronted with facial oil. I was too scared to try any for so long for fear that I would just end up looking like even more of a greasy mess. If you're from the same camp, fear not! The right amount of the right oil will actually work towards balancing your skin out, rather than increasing oil production. Contrary to (somewhat) popular belief, depriving your skin of hydration in a bid to quell oil production, will actually achieve the opposite. Your skin will dry out and begin to overproduce oil to compensate for the dehydration. Using facial oil is a good way for me to rebalance my skin when it's acting up or feeling dry. It's also helped me with some of my skin texture issues and when I use it regularly, my skin feels smoother overall. Kiehl's has some lovely one's if you're on the hunt!

5. Dairy and water - What a weird combo. I think it's generally a good idea to take a look at what you're putting into your body if you're having issues with your skin. Let's deal with dairy first. Dairy is one of the most inflammatory foods out there and there are so many people who react badly to it without even realising. I cut dairy out of my diet completely around three years ago and my skin immediately improved. I've spoken to a lot of friends about it and heard similar results. I think even cutting down on dairy can result in a positive difference! Something you should be doing is drinking water. Groundbreaking, right? It's so easy to forget, but I always see a difference when I've been properly staying hydrated. Keep tabs on how much water you're consuming in a day and make sure you're hitting the two litre mark. The result is glowier and brighter skin, without having to splurge on an expensive skincare product!

So there we go, a little mishmash of the things I like to do to keep my skin clear. Please remember that I am in no way a professional, nor am I qualified to dole out dermatological advice, these are just little changes that I've noticed really improve my skin! I'm always on the lookout for new skincare tips and tricks, so if you have something that's significantly improved your skin, please let me know!

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  1. Can relate to this post so much, oils have worked wonders on my skin and cutting out dairy was life changing!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  2. Being in my second pregnancy, I will probably be holding onto dairy for a bit, but I might try to give it up after baby and see what happens.

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  3. My skin is awful at the minute so I totally want to give these a try!

    Ellie xx

  4. My skin hasn't been too great recently but it has shown some improvement ever since I started consistently double cleansing. I definitely think it's one of those things that works wonders once you get into a routine! Great post and tips! :)

    Mae ♥

  5. I just did Veganuary and though my skin freaked out at first (I almost quit because of it!) now it's looking so much better! I just have to keep it up :)

    Great post! xx


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