Friday, 17 February 2017

New In: Three from Shiseido

Shiseido is one of those brands I hear a lot about but don't own all that much from. The products always look super luxe and tend to deviate from the norm in a very good way - the packaging isn't half bad either! I've been putting a few Shiseido products to the test recently and was really looking forward to trying them! In light of that, I thought I'd do a little show and tell as well as let you know what my first impressions are!

Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce* - First off, can we talk about the packaging of this?! You totally can't tell from the photos, but the cool plastic tube has a green iridescence to it when it hits the light. The whole thing is just super unique and completely up my street. That aside, this is some pretty good coverage for something that's marketed as a BB cream! It's supposed to be "very water resistant" (something I did not put to the test!) as well as having an SPF of 50, so I think this is a great one for summer. I love it when base products have a good level of SPF to them, as the usual SPF 15 doesn't get you far during the warmer months! Unfortunately, the shade I have is too dark and too orange for me. It is the lightest shade, but I have a ridiculously pale face and neck. There are only three shades in this range, so I highly recommend checking in store before you buy. I did, however, apply this and really liked the finish of it. It's glowy and has good coverage. I'll have to mix and match this with my other foundations to see if I can make it work for my skin tone!

Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother* - I won't keep harping on about packaging, but I actually really like the minimalistic metal and plastic tube this product is housed in. It looks very sleek and isn't messy at all. This product is supposed to be applied to areas of excess oil or over enlarged pores to smooth things out. It has a liquid to powder formula and dries completely matte. I cannot figure out if this is supposed to over or under your makeup, despite extensive googling. It disrupts my makeup slightly if I put it over, but due to the dry texture, I can't really imagine putting it under my makeup. I'll have to keep trying this because when I apply it to the back of my hand, it does do a stellar job at acting as a filter and smoothing out fine lines, etc. Jury's out!

7 Lights Powder Illuminator* - How pretty is this? It was so tough not to swatch it before taking photos! This is a really interesting product, aimed to be somewhat of a "palette" for bronzing and highlighting, as well as an all-round illuminator. I was skeptical but I actually quite like this. First off it comes in a beautiful, sturdy compact, complete with a mirror and a brush. I'm so used to the brushes included in compacts like these being rubbish, that I nearly discarded it, plastic still on, until I read someone online saying how lovely it was. It's super soft and thin enough that you can use the two halves of the compact for bronzing and highlighting without much issue. The bronzing side is very warm, but I actually don't mind that and think it gives quite a naturally tanned kind of look to the skin. If you're after a blinding glow, this won't be for you, as the lighter side will perk up your face slightly with more of a subtle highlight. There is a little glitter to it, which I don't love, but it really isn't that obvious. If you're after a more discreet illuminator, you just might like this! I found that if I swirled all the colours together, I got a nice pinky blush shade too - pretty versatile for such a little compact!

So there we have it, definitely an interesting bunch, pretty unlike most things I've tried before! Bear in mind that I haven't fully road-tested these three yet and that these were just some of my first impressions! I'll keep you posted as I use them more. Have you tried any products from Shiseido?

*This post contains PR samples. As always, all opinions are my own.

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