Monday, 6 February 2017

Shopping my Stash #4

In what has turned out to be a rather dramatic turn of events, my laptop seems to have completely given up. Thanks to my practically nonexistent tech-knowledge I'm left hitting up all my techie friends and trying to make ends meet with the gadgets I have left. In light of that, there might be the odd late or missing post here and there - please bear with me!

On a more upbeat and relevant note: I've been having a good rootle through my beauty stash once again! I like to do this from time to time as I do have such an extensive collection that it's easy for things to go missing. If you're not familiar with the concept, shopping your stash is a somewhat OG blogger concept where instead of shopping the beauty aisles and counters of various stores, you shop your very own drawers. As per usual I've found some very much neglected but fantastic products I'll be chatting about today!

Dior Contour and Highlight Stick - Truth be told, I've totally fallen out of love with contouring. Be it due to bronzer or me simply accepting my moon-shaped face, it's been a step I haven't been bothering with for a while now. It's no wonder, therefore, that this little guy got neglected, despite both ends of this product looking absolutely gorgeous. There's enough slip to the product to make application and blending easy and the highlighter is gorgeously sheeny and not too shimmery. I think I'll be giving contouring another go soon!

CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Sultry Sienna - This was such an affordable buy and the colour is right up my street - I'm not one to say no to a nude lipstick. The formula is pretty darn decent too, super creamy and pigmented with decent lasting power for such an affordable drugstore product. I think this will make a great handbag companion and I think the packaging is actually quite sleek too!

Wet 'n Wild Loose Pigment in Rose Gold - When you go through your stash, it's an occupational hazard to discover products from LE collections and that's the case with this one, something I unfortunately didn't notice until now. I've linked to Wet n' Wild's regular eyeshadows as they're also fantastic quality and they have some gorgeous shades. This is one of their loose pigments from the collection they released around the holiday season last year. It's a beautiful rose gold shade and has some impressive pigment. I'm definitely going to be using this to give my lids some added rose gold shimmer!

Rodial Blush in Copacabana - This has got to be one of the most luxuriously packaged blushes I own! It has a hefty price tag to go along with it, so really it's disgraceful that I've barely used it. It swatches beautifully and is the perfect peachy shade to transition from winter to spring. I'm very much looking forward to using this more and I think it'll really perk up the complexion even when you're not wearing much makeup.

MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush - I actually dug this up about a week ago or so and have been subbing it in instead of my usual powder highlight. If you like a "lit from within" kind of glow, this is a really gorgeous one. It leaves your complexion looking luminous but naturally so, as opposed to the beaming glow you can spot from across the road. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I like the ├╝ber-intense highlight but for no-makeup-makeup days I like a more subtle glow. A really fab one to pop in your handbag!

So there we have it, the results of my most recent dig through the depths of my beauty drawers. I love doing this because I can fall in love with products I've barely tried as well as rediscover old favourites. Do you ever shop your stash?

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  1. Woah I wish I had these beauties lurking in a drawer! All I have are bottles of foundation with literally one drop left in them and dried up nail polishes haha xx

  2. Same, I lost the jazz for contouring as well, but I want to see the pan of my contour powder so I do it regularly, good luck to you too! The Dior stick looks absolutely luxe ;)

    Selene Addicted

  3. Ah I'm keeping my eye out for that wet n wild pigment! It looks really pretty

    Beauty Candy Loves


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