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NARS Seaside Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer

NARS bronzers have been amongst my ride or die products for years now. When I got my hands on the Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer in Seaside*, I was ridiculously excited to put it to the test. I've been using it every day since and decided it was high time I share my thoughts along with a bit of a swatch over here!

First off: it's really not every day that you find a bronzer this light - as someone who regularly trawls the aisles of the drugstore, I tend to have more of an issue avoiding the shades that are too dark and end up looking muddy. This is probably the lightest bronzer I have in my collection, so I was super intrigued to see how it worked on my fair skin. It comes in four shades: Seaside, Laguna, Casino and Falaises. Seaside, the shade I have, is definitely on the warmer side of things, which is something I really love. When it comes to contour, I like my products ashy, but with bronzers, I almost always stick to warmer tones. If you're worried this might be too red and leave you looking more ruddy than bronzed, I didn't have an issue with that so fear not!

The formula of this bronzer is matte, so there's no shimmer running through it. I tend to prefer matte bronzers, because as soon as shimmer comes into play in a bronzing powder, it very quickly looks less glowy and more glittery. According to NARS, it has "a matte finish that captures the natural light and diffuses imperfections for a soft-focus effect". The formula means that the overall finish is super natural, as if you've been lounging in the sun and caught a bit of a tan.

Something that I wasn't expecting with this bronzer was the texture of the powder. If you've used NARS bronzers before, you'll know that the powder is usually quite soft and, as with many other bronzers, quite easy to overdo. The formula of this powder is more stiff, meaning that you're best off using a dense brush to pick up more product. Even then, the coverage is pretty sheer at first, but can be built up. It blends out well, so there's no patchiness and you're able to deposit the pigment very evenly.

The way this works is apparently down to "Sheer pigments suspended in Translucent Spherical Powders work with your natural skin tone to weightlessly enhance its appeal – never masking it with flat matte powders or visible shimmer, like traditional bronzers." Quite the claim, but I have to admit, that true to it's name, it "diffuses" across the face and imparts a lovely bronze glow to the skin, which wears beautifully throughout the day.

I'm mildly obsessed with this bronzer at the moment and it's working fantastically, as I'm still sporting my pasty winter pallor. It's light enough to look natural, but dark enough to leave things looking a lot more healthy! I also have to just throw out there that the pattern in the powder is kinda gorgeous. I'm a sucker for minimalism so the classic NARS packaging with the zigzags in the powder really speak to me. It's the little things. Are you going to be picking up one of these bronzers?

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  1. Ooh this is such a lovely shade, it has a gorgeous undertone to it!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. That shade is stunning!!

    xo, Liz

  3. This bronzer is so pretty! I love the pattern of the bronzer.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  4. The shade of this looks so perfect, I love how light it is for pale skin! Sounds amazing too, I'm definitely a fan of matte over shimmer, gonna have to pick this up I think x

  5. What brush did you use exactly? I'm having some issues with color payoff...

  6. Please include a pic with you wearing it on your face too!

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