Friday, 10 March 2017

Trying Lipstick Perfume

When I saw that MAC were releasing Shadescents Fragrances inspired by their most iconic lipsticks (Crème D'Nude, Velvet Teddy, Candy Yum-Yum, Lady Danger, Ruby Woo and Heroine), I wasn't really hellbent on buying one. I thought I'd maybe give them a sniff in passing, but aside from that it was a solid "meh" from me. Cut to last weekend, walking past a MAC counter and reaching for the Velvet Teddy perfume and that all changed.

A little backstory: I've declared Velvet Teddy as my favourite lipstick a fair few times on the blog and with good reason. It's one of the only lipsticks I've almost completely used up and it's always been my go-to no matter the makeup look. It just works. It's matte, creamy, non-drying and all round fantastic. I reached for the Velvet Teddy Shadescent out of pure curiosity, gave it one sniff and practically marched over to the till. It's rare that I'm immediately won over my a fragrance, but this somehow smelt so familiar, yet unlike anything I've ever owned.

As I'm straight up horrible with scent descriptions, here are the notes according to MAC: A silky smooth current of wild honey and creamy musk runs through this oriental fragrance. So there you go. There's something vaguely tobacco-esque about the warmth it has to it, but that could also just be my very uncultured scent opinion. In the name of research, I actually just checked Fragrantica they identify bergamot, ginger and tobacco blossom as the top notes (hi, hello, I'm a professional perfume person now), mimosa, vanilla orchid and honey as the middle notes and musk, papyrus and tonka bean as the base notes. Hopefully that gives you somewhat of an idea of what this smells like! 

I personally really like the bottle. It's understated but I like that the colour of it is somehow associated to my favourite lipstick. It's one of those bottles that I think will look really nice perched on a vanity. I definitely think that if you had more than one of these, they'd make a very pretty little set all lined up!

I really can't explain why I'm so drawn to this scent but I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It lasts really nicely throughout the day and I don't think it's too sickly sweet or too musky. I highly recommend giving this a sniff next time you pass a MAC counter - if you're into the same types of scents as me, you might just love this. Have you tried any of the Shadescents?

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  1. I am desperate to get this fragrance! Velvet teddy is one of my favourite lipsticks so I feel it's neccicary to have the matching perfume! X


  2. How cool are these?! I actually really love the packaging and something so different that I never really thought mac would do
    Kathy x

  3. I'm so glad I'm getting a sample of this! Velvet Teddy might be my favorite lipstick, too, and honey scents are amazing.

    Beauty From Katie

  4. I really liked this scent when I smelled it in store. MAC Velvet teddy is an absolute holy grail lipstick for me-I was so glad the scent was lovely too!

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