Friday, 14 April 2017

New In: Becca First Light Priming Filter

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If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I recently attended the Sephora launch in Zurich. Yes, we now finally have a Sephora and I'm thrilled! Although we don't get a lot of the really cool American brands, there's a load more than before and I'm really looking forward to spending half my lunch breaks wandering around, swatching. Whilst I was there, I picked up the Becca First Light Priming Filter, because I was so intrigued by the prospect of a purple primer. (It doesn't take much to intrigue me, apparently).

According to the Becca website, this is a "skin-awakening primer that instantly erases the signs of a bad face day to leave the complexion fresh, awake and hydrated.". Sounds pretty good to me. I have oily skin, so my makeup tends to slide all over my face if I don't take the necessary precautions. A good or bad primer can make all the difference to my makeup for the day, so I was slightly hesitant about trying this.

First things first: We all know I'm a sucker for some good packaging. The product is housed in a frosted glass tube and I personally think it looks and feels very luxe. This is my no means a cheap primer, so I'm glad the packaging is good quality.

When I applied this to the back of my hand, I was surprised to see that it leaves behind a certain luminosity, which you can't tell just from looking at it. It's not shimmery at all, but definitely imparts some serious glow, which I'm assuming is what Becca was getting at with the "fresh and hydrated" part of their product description. In case you're worried about this pulling lilac once it's on your face, fear not. The purple hue didn't translate at all on me and the primer blended in very smoothly.

Once applied, this feels slightly tacky, which I really like in a primer. It tends to mean that it adheres makeup very well and creates an all-round better base. My foundation applies super smoothly over this, but I think the real upside is the luminosity it gives you. As the day went on, instead of looking greasy, I looked glowy. It was pretty groundbreaking. I also did really feel like my makeup lasted better and longer than it usually does, something that's pretty essential when you're out of the house all day.

I'm really impressed with this primer. Whenever I buy a high-end product a tiny part of my hopes that I won't absolutely love it because repurchasing is always so painful for my bank balance but I have to tip my hat here. If you're in the market for a new primer, I can highly recommend this one. It really does give your makeup that extra "awake and glowy" kinda boost and it definitely glues your makeup to your face - in a good way! Have you tried any of the Becca primers?

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  1. I really want to try this primer so I'm happy to see a great review!

    xo, Liz


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