Friday, 26 May 2017

Life Lately | Summer Clothes and Gym Woes

We've made it through the arctic mess that was Spring and somehow, right on the cusp of June, have made it to the summer weather. To celebrate the occasion, I thought I'd indulge in a good old rant about what's been going on lately and how poorly I'm dealing with the warmer temperatures.

First off: I really wasn't expecting it to get so warm so fast. We're talking drizzly autumn temperatures one day to 26°C the next. I've been wearing jeans so long I completely forgot how to wear anything else, let alone put a cohesive, sensible outfit together. Somehow I seem to manage to go out in a dress on the chillier days, earning myself a lot of judgemental stares from people bundled up in jeans and jackets in the morning cold on my way down to the station. On the flip side, days where it really did get incredibly warm this week, I trotted around in black jeans, a black t-shirt and Doc Martens, feeling like a skewer on a grill.

Along with the fab weather and all the lovely stuff that goes along with it (swimming, drinks outside, ice cream, more dogs out and about) the hot temperatures mark the beginning of sweat season. The time when you pretty much can't sit anywhere in shorts of a skirt without having to forcibly rip yourself back off the surface a mere few minutes later. I seem to always conveniently forget about that when I'm pining after summer and then sulk about it later, crisscross pattern of a plastic chair firmly imprinted on the back of my thighs.

In terms of new things I've been doing in the last month or two: I've started going to the gym again. I'm immensely proud of myself for it, because I'm the kinda gal that'll walk up two flights of stairs and then tap out to take a breather whilst hanging dramatically off the bannister. I maintain that the gym is a weird place. It's just a room where everyone goes to sweat and then passive aggressively hover near the machine they want to use. Despite the fact that I'm taking it veerrryyy slow, I'm hoping I'll be able to walk stairs without getting a stitch soon. Also maybe that I'll leave the gym and not end up with chocolate all over my hands five minutes later from my "post gym snack". Either that or invest in some wet wipes.

Something else I'd really like to do is start eating healthier again. I always have such good intentions and think about great recipes I could make but then just end up eating weird combinations of foods in the fridge because I'm too lazy to cook. Turns out Sriracha tastes good on pretty much anything! If you have any suggestions for where to find good, healthy recipes or any food bloggers you're particularly fond of, please let me know because I'd love to discover some new ones!

I'm fully aware that this post has likely had no rhyme or reason, I just thought I'd sit down and write a bit of a stream of consciousness. I haven't done a post like this in a while and I always think it's fun to write these and switch it up a little! I hope you get to enjoy a little sun this weekend, no matter where you are and happy Friday!

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