Friday, 2 June 2017

5 Small Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

If my workout efforts over the years could be summed up in two words it would be "you tried". For ages whenever I started working out, I'd backtrack and give up or I'd just be busy for a week and then not be bothered to trek back to the gym. I've said it before but struggling to catch your breath after a very meagre flight of stairs is not a good look at 23. I want to be stronger, fitter and healthier so here I am, dragging my butt to the gym two to three times a week. I thought today I'd share some of the ways I motivate myself to work out in case any of you are looking for a bit of inspo. Let it be known that in this post I in no way mean to sound holier than thou. I am the furthest thing from a fitness bunny and if I can do it so can you!

1. Eat right - I cannot tell you how imperative this has been to me sticking to my fitness routine. On days when I've been eating terribly I'm far less motivated to exercise. Once I've been sticking to a good diet for a while and am eating things that actually nourish me as opposed to making me feel like like a lethargic troll I automatically feel more like working out. The absolute best way for me to stick to eating right is by reading up on diet and fitness blogs as well as consulting the Deliciously Ella app for new recipe ideas. I tend to just get creative and see what works!

2. Set goals - By this I don't been a number on the scale or aspiring to be a certain size but just be clear on what you want out of your fitness venture. Be it, like me, to not break a sweat at the slightest hint of a jog or whether you want to run a half marathon. Just set yourself goals and visualise them - it makes such a difference in how you go about exercising and you'll feel fab when you start to achieve those little victories.

3. Get workout gear - Yes, shallow, but you wouldn't believe what getting a good set of workout clothes does for your motivation. You also don't have to spend an arm and a leg on it. H&M does fantastic exercise clothes and they're far more affordable than those being flogged by some of the bigger brands. You should also make sure that depending on the activity, you own a good pair of shoes. Owning one pair of decent trainers is a great investment and they'll make a world of difference!

4. Put together a playlist - If I didn't know I had a great Spotify playlist waiting for me when I work out, half the time I wouldn't even bother. Taking a minute to choose the kind of music that'll keep you motivated is so worth it. If you do frequent Spotify, there are also a lot of pre-made playlists to choose from on there so if you're lacking in the music department or you're just lazy (hi - me) then you barely have to lift a finger. 

5. Find a buddy - Finding a kindred gym spirit if you're lacking in the motivation department can be an absolute saviour. If one of you isn't feeling it, the other can aid in the (gentle) dragging to the gym and vice versa. You can keep each other in check, motivate one another and then have well-deserved celebratory snacks at the end of your fitness sesh. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.

These are just a few little ways to kickstart your motivation and obviously different strokes for different folks! This is what I've found to work for me and as we've established, I've been somewhat of a gym-o-phobe in the past. Hopefully this has been helpful if you're starting your own gym quest and feel free to share any of your own tips below - I could definitely use them! Have a fantastic weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. Love these tips! Goals are definitely they way forward. I too often focus on reaching distances when running though, so instead I like to focus on how long I'm going to run for instead!xx

    Lucy |

  2. I love the idea of setting goal but not using number, number can be stressing sometimes and scale doesn't really accurately show how much fat we've lost bcs some people can "gain weight" just by drinking.

    Selene Addicted

  3. i always find getting new workout gear always motivates me hahah xx


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