Friday, 16 June 2017

Bold MAC Shades for every Summer Occasion

I own more lipsticks from MAC than from any other brand and whilst I don't buy as many new ones as I used to, I still reach for the ones in my collection very regularly. My favourite formulas from them are by far the Cremesheens and the Mattes. They're at opposite ends of the spectrum but if I'm going for an everyday nude then I'll usually pick a Cremesheen formula, whilst my bolds tend to be strictly of the matte variety. It's the bolds I'm chatting about today, specifically about a little trio that'll carry you through pretty much any summer event you may have to attend!

The Everyday - If I'm going to sport a bold shade on a more casual, everyday basis, it's going to be a coral. Tropic Tonic fits the bill perfectly. It's a beautiful pink coral colour which really boosts the slightest bit of tan you may have acquired and makes you look super fresh-faced. Because it is a matte formula, you can sport this during lunch and only have to do mild retouches once you're done, depending on how messy your meal was. It lasts super well and isn't too dehydrating, which is always a huge pro!

The Night Out - I wore Lady Danger for an evening out recently and it was the first time I'd worn the shade all year. It's another one of MAC's matte formulas, so it'll stay put after application and withstand many a drink. If you're after a red that pulls so orange that your pout practically enters the room before you, this is the one for you. The shade is unlike any other in my collection and that's the main reason I keep going back to it. It looks so gorgeous with a super bronzed up complexion, lots of highlight and  lashings of mascara. A very low-effort way to make a statement!

The Festival - Finally we have one for a situation I have yet to frequent but will hopefully experience this year: festivals! Matte Royal is (you guessed it) another matte and I think most people will see this and run a mile. Yes, it's very blue, yes, it's very dark but it's such a cool shade. I wore this to Street Parade in Zurich last year and surprisingly got so many compliments. It's just a super fun shade to try out in a more relaxed setting if you're a bold-o-phobe and you might be surprised by how much you like it! The colour is great, the longevity is good and you can be lazy with the rest of your makeup and still look bold - result.

So there we have it, three picks to tide you over in most situations summer throws at you. In past years I've stubbornly stuck to nudes for 90% of the summer but I think this will be the year I start using bolds a bit more regularly! What are your favourite bolds for summer? Have a fantastic weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. those coral shades are so pretty xx

  2. I really want to push myself into wearing bolder and out there lipsticks but I always reach for the nude ones when getting ready!
    Kathy x

  3. Lady Danger is such a beautiful shade. x

    Jordan Alice

  4. Lady Danger is truly a stunning color, actually, all reds from mac are. They're the best for polished, lady-like look.

    Selene Addicted

  5. So good to see a "bold lipstick" post that has an actual out-there colour! I love Matte Royal. People are intimidated by unusual lipstick colours but blues and purples are usually very flattering!

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl


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