Friday, 9 June 2017

Cream Products for a Bronzey Complexion

As of late, my go-to makeup look has been a glowy bronzed up complexion with minimal eye and lip makeup. Although I neglected my cream products pretty much all throughout winter, I've been using a them a whole lot lately, to achieve that carefree bronzey makeup. I tend to use cream products way more during the summer, because they're much faster and look more natural. Today I thought I'd talk you through the ones I've been using on the reg lately and that will probably get a whole lotta use through summer!

NARS Matte Multiple in Altai - Excuse the ridiculously grubby packaging on this please! This product has been much loved over the years and it's still one of the only cream bronzers I own. I used to use this for contour way back when but have since realised it's slightly too warm on me for that. As a bronzer, however, it blends seamlessly into the skin and imparts a super natural just-been-to-the-beach kinda look. It's a matte cream product so there's none of that shimmer faff and you won't look glittery when you catch the light. A pricey one but the quality is fab and it'll likely last you ages!

NARS Multiple Tint in Alice* - This is just a straight up gorgeous colour. It might not be the first thing you think to reach for when someone says the word "bronze" but I think a shade like this complements a tanned complexion so well. I'll just pat a bit of this onto the apples of my cheeks and blend it out. If I'm feeling particularly fancy I'll also use a bit on the lips - such is the beauty of a multipurpose product. It's pretty sheer, which I actually really like because it makes it hard to go overboard - something you'll appreciate if, like me, you're prone to a bit of clown-face.

MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush - If I'm doing the whole cream makeup thing, I'll usually use a cream highlighter too. The overall theme of this makeup is pretty natural so this is a highlighter that looks more lit from within than blind you from across the street. If you're into the more subtle glow, you might love these from MAC. They've got enough glow to just make you look super healthy and to give you a nice sheen when they catch the light.

Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Creamy Beige - If I'm doing something more natural but still slightly bronzey on the eyes, I'll use this in place of my usual eyeshadow primer. It adheres other shadows to your lids well and also works fantastically just blended all over the lid and through the crease by itself. If you're prone to lazy eyeshadow days, this is a super easy one to whip out and stick on, without putting much thought into it. It lasts well throughout the day and is super affordable to boot!

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Siros* - When it comes to shadow sticks NARS and Kiko tend to be my go-tos. This shade in particular from NARS is gorgeous and I've been reaching for it a lot lately. It's bronzey enough to add to the look I've been going for, but not so much so that it ends up making it look more autumnal than I'd intended. The pigmentation is great, it blends out fantastically and it's just an all-round great, fuss-free summer shadow.

So there we have it, a full rundown of a few of my favourite minimal-effort cream products for summer. I'm sincerely hoping that at some point my faces decided to get with it and actually start getting an actual tan, but until then I'll be subbing in these trusty bits. Have a fab weekend and happy Friday!

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