Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Two for Fresh-Faced Makeup

I think most people who wear foundation regularly have at some point encountered the issue of cake-face. You know the drill, your makeup looks cakey, uneven and far from natural. It drives me up the wall and I'm not beyond taking it all off and starting again. I have, however, found that using a good finishing spray can remedy the issue and restore your makeup to its fresh-faced glory with only a few pumps. Today I'm chatting about two that have somewhat different effects, but are both great choices for scaling back cake-face and giving you a natural result.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray - Not only have I found this to be a great addition to my skincare routine, but also as a finisher after my makeup. This isn't marketed as a setting spray, so it won't make your makeup last longer, necessarily. What I do, however, find that it does very well, is bring together my foundation and powder, so that it doesn't look as cakey. The product kind of melts into the skin and looks far more even and natural. This doesn't have a very fine mist, so I'd advise holding it a decent distance away from your face but you won't end up with a dripping wet complexion and run marks. It also happens to smell amazing and it's pretty darn affordable, so those are definite bonuses too!

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray - I only picked this up recently and ended up going for the travel size because the larger one was (typically) sold out. I've heard so much hype about this over the years and since they repackaged their setting sprays, my attention has been drawn to the range once again. I've been using this pretty much every day since getting it and I'm really chuffed with the results. This will also melt powder and foundation together to create a more natural finish but on top of that, it'll make your makeup last longer. I find that my foundation takes just a little longer to fade when I've used this and will be in all-round better condition throughout the day. It has a fine mist and not much of a detectable scent, so a good one for those bothered by fragrance. It's a pricy one but it's a product I think I'll be using a whole lot during the warmer months!

So there we have it, two finishing sprays to help you achieve the whole fresh-faced look. This heat hasn't been doing much for my makeup, so I can currently use all the help I can get! Here's to looking more glowy and less greasy during this heat wave!

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  1. I love the Urban Decay one!

    xo, Liz

  2. The All Nighter spray is a holy grail product for me, soo good!

  3. Both of these sound so great, I've been wanting to try All Nighter for a while now!xx

    Lucy |

  4. I've started dabbling in a few facial sprays recently, I'll have to check out the Mario Badescu one since I hear such good things about it!
    Kathy x

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  7. I haven't tried either of these sprays but they sound amazing!
    Grace xx

  8. I've used the UD De-Slick Setting Spray before and absolutely adored it! Setting Sprays are a must for a long-lasting finish.



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