Friday, 21 July 2017

4 One-Wash-Wonders

There are days when I want nothing more than to dip into four different palettes and put together the a look featuring an unnecessary amount of different eyeshadows. Then there are days where even slapping on primer seems like a mission. For the latter, I have my trusty one-wash-wonders, namely the shadows you can crack out, shove on and blend out. Through some magic, with the right shadow and shade, it can end up looking like you put a heck of a lot more effort into it than you actually did. These are the four I reach for most!

I think most of us have a fair few MAC shadows rattling about in our collections. I think my all-time favourite MAC eyeshadow has to be All That Glitters. It's my failsafe option for when I know I'll be applying minimal eyeshadow (badly) and running out the house. The result is a soft wash of rose gold across the lid with any half-arsed blending being barely visible to the human eye. Another one I love from MAC is Woodwinked. This is a dark, warm-toned gold that looks stunning on the lids. It almost ends up looking like you've gone to the effort of subbing in a crease shade. The two shades go together fantastically as well, if you fancy going wild.

The cheapest on the list, but by no means inferior is the Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Single in Nutty. This is one of those shades you look at in the pan and think "meh, I'll pass". It really doesn't look spectacular at first glance, but once you swatch it the colour somehow transforms. What you get is a beautiful beigey taupe, with a finish that looks almost duochrome to me (?). This is also a beaut blended out on the lid and one that makes it look like you've done much more than blend out one eyeshadow shade. Highly recommend picking this up if you're after a simple, everyday shadow.

Another very affordable pick is the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Wattles. I'm partial to a good pink eyeshadow, but am wary of shades looking too girly or sickly. This has such a cool hue to it, where it almost looks grungey on the lid. If I'm going with a nude lip, I'll apply this on the lids to up the look a bit. It's nothing fancy but it really adds something to a makeup look and requires close to no effort. As with all the shadows I've tried from this line, the formula is super soft and pigmented, which makes blending an absolute cakewalk.

From left to right: Woodwinked, Nutty, Wattles and All That Glitters.
I hope this has helped any kindred spirits who also experience lazy eyeshadow days on the reg. There are also, of course, days where I skip the extra step altogether and just slap on some mascara, but I'm extra so I tend to like having a little something on my lids. Let me know if you have any ride or die shadows that you'd recommend! Have a fantastic weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. I do love Woodwinked and All That Glitters are amazing! Nutty looks like a good transition shade, too x

  2. These all look so pretty! I love the elf long lasting lustrous eye shadow in soiree when I was something simple on my eyes- it a gorgeous shimmering purple!
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

  3. those shades are so pretty xx

  4. One wash wonder is truly the best thing to invest in! I have too many times when I'm too lazy to put on primer, and one was wonders really come in handy.

    Selene Addicted

  5. this is such a handy post for me - I'm so lazy haha xo


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