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The Best Fuss-Free Lipstick Formulas

When it comes to lipstick, everyone has a slightly different definition of fuss-free. For some it's a balm, for others it's a super matte that you don't have to touch up during the day. For me, fuss-free tends to mean a sheer formula with a finish that leans more glossy than matte. We're not talking glosses here, because that's just not really up my street, but pigmented, lightly hydrating formulas you can grab out your bag and slick on without a mirror. When I'm at work or out and about, I rarely take go out of my way to bring lip products to a mirror to reapply, so it's done deskside or mid-walk. Ergo, any formula that's too pigmented will mean I end up looking like a sad clown. In light of that, I thought I'd round up four lipstick formulas I absolutely love for a fuss-free lip and use this post to wax lyrical about them!

Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Gel Lipstick (shade pictured: Hey, Stranger) - This is definitely the most pigmented of the bunch and has the least glossy finish of them all. It is, however, still a gel formula that leans more sheer than opaque, meaning that if you've carefully applied it once, it won't take a lot of faff to touch it up without the aid of a mirror. It's not one that will dry out your lips and the lasting power is super impressive for such a light formula. Pricey but the quality coupled with that stellar packaging seals the deal for me.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick (shade pictured: Bare Again) - This was a new formula to me and not one I'd heard much about before. It's the glossiest of the bunch and is ever so slightly sticky. Whilst that may not be everyone's cup of tea, it's so minor that it doesn't really bother me at all and it does mean that the colour sticks to your lips for longer. As the one I own is a glossy nude, it makes it all the more foolproof to apply. Plus this feels nice and moisturising on the lips and the sheen does wonders for faking a slightly fuller pout.

Catrice Luminous Lips (shade pictured: Coffee & Cream) - The cheapest of the bunch by far, but by no means inferior! Yes, this formula doesn't last too long as it's sheer and completely un-sticky, but it's formulated with hyaluronic acid, meaning it does a great job at keeping your lips hydrated. The formula of these is surprisingly pigmented and all the shades I've tried have been super consistent.

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick (shade pictured: 57) - Another one that packs way more of a punch than expected, in terms of pigmentation! Unlike the others, this is an oil formula, so the texture is definitely slightly different than a lot of the lipsticks I've tried. The good thing about this is that whilst you can tell that it's more of an oil formula, it doesn't feel greasy at all. These have such a lovely sheen and as they fade, they leave a stain, which means you're spared the patchy-lip debacle. Also, it has to be said: packaging is gorg.

So there we have it, the rundown on my lazy lip faves! All four get used super regularly, as they're just so easy to stick in a bag and take with you for on the go. Are you a fuss-free lipstick lover? Let me know! Have a fantastic weekend and happy Friday!

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  1. YSL lipsticks are my absolute fave!!

    Ellie xx

  2. love the look of the YSL lipstick, never tried the brand but they look so pretty xx

  3. Definitely! YSL' lipstick never fails me, rouge volupte is a firm favorite.

    Selene Addicted


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