Monday, 24 July 2017

Three to try: Essie Gel Couture

Since switching to LED gel nails, it isn't often that I buy regular nail polish anymore. Franky, once you have nail polish that looks perfect for a week (half an eternity for my nails), it's hard to backtrack. I've tried so many formulas that people know and love, yet somehow none of them have really knocked my socks off. The only line that I've been impressed with in recent month is the Essie Gel Couture collection. It's funny because I read so many mixed reviews about these polishes but to me, they're some of the longest lasting in my collection. That coupled with the fact that there are so many fantastic colours in the range has me totally sold. I thought I'd round up my trio of faves from the line as they're the ones I've been reaching for most lately!

Sizzling Hot - This is like Essie Watermelon's more orange cousin. It has the same stellar pigmentation and gorgeous coral is-it-pink-or-not hue but with, in my opinion, much better lasting power. This is such a summer shade to me. It's not often I gravitate towards bright shades, I'm usually a strictly pastel or nude kinda gal, but this colour just has that little extra something that makes it look more interesting on the nails than your standard coral shade.

Perfect Posture - Of all three shades, this is by far the one I've used most. I've only had it a few months and the dent I've made in it is already super visible. As soon as I get a bit of a tan, I like to go with pastel polishes to emphasise my newfound bronze (I clearly spend most of the year pale af) and this has been my polish of choice lately. It's a blue so pale that you could almost mistake it for a white from a distance, but it makes the shade that bit more interesting. I haven't been a fan of blue nails for a few years now but this has just been an absolute staple for me all summer thus far. A gorgeous colour with fab lasting power!

Touch Up - This was the very first polish I ever tried from this collection and I liked it so much I wore it for more or less three weeks straight. I remember my first thought after using it for the first time being how good it still looked after a few days of wear. Normal nail polish chips on me on the second or sometimes even the first day, so polish holding up and looking great after three or four days is pretty revolutionary. This is one of those mauvey-greigey shades that looks kinda meh in the bottle but super cool once applied. If you're a fan of Porchester Square type colours, this might just be up your street.

So there we have it, my three picks from the Essie Gel Couture line. I'm really interested to hear about how you like the line if you've tried it! I have enough nail polish to paint half the country's talons but I won't lie, I have my eyes on a few more shades from the collection. Can you really ever have too many good gel polishes? We'll leave that at a solid maybe. 

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  1. I really enjoy Essie nail polishes - but I have not tried the new Essie Gel Couture before

    Beauty Candy Loves


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