Monday, 31 July 2017

Two Years of Troves and Roses

At the end of July, two years ago, I pressed publish on my first ever blog post. It was a tiny "About Me" text that's since been cut, reworked and remodelled into an "About" page, but featured an image of the same rose bush as above, tucked away in my garden. Although today's the day where I'd usually post my monthly favourites, I felt I couldn't let this pass by without making a brief occasion of it. I'll keep it short and sweet as I'm sure no one here (least of all me) wants to see an extensive essay on the twists and turns of my blogging journey. That would honestly just be a 3000-word think piece on why HTML is so difficult. I digress.

Try as I might, it's tough not to crack out the old clich├ęs, but I really didn't think my blog would go where it has. Granted, I'm still a tiny speck on the vast expanse that is the blogosphere, but nonetheless I've posted regular content and (somewhat) kept up with my Instagram for two years now and that in and of itself is a huge achievement to me. I know a lot of bloggers go back and update posts with new, higher quality photos to freshen things up a bit but I've kept everything pretty much the same. That may well be the result of sheer laziness, but there's a small kick I get out of seeing how much my photography has improved over the years. Nowhere near the pros I see kicking around on Twitter (have firmly decided they use some form of witchcraft) but worlds away from the wonky, blurry, iPhone 5 pics I started with.

In the last year I've been able to attend events, meet other bloggers and generally had opportunities I never dreamed would arise from me fiddling around on (what used to be) Blogspot. I'm endlessly grateful to the lovely lovely people who take the time out of their day to read, like and comment on my content. It's something I know everyone says, but it really does mean the world. Juggling full time work and blogging on the side has, at times, felt like a gargantuan task and I often do a shoddy job at staying on top of it all, especially social media. Seeing the amazing things other bloggers are doing and the gorgeous content they create has, however, been the constant that's given me the little shove I needed to continue and attempt to better myself and my content along the way.

So here's to the blog: Happy 2nd Birthday, Troves and Roses and may there be many more!

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