Wednesday, 2 August 2017

An Ode to Clear Gloss

Well here's a post I never thought I'd write! I feel like I've been waffling on about gloss for weeks now, but this will likely be the penultimate post. As a former gloss-phobe, I've done the unthinkable and dived into the deep end: clear, high-shine glossy lips. I used to practically break out in hives at the thought of anything other than a satin or matte finish gracing my pout, but as of late, it's the mattes that have me wanting to scratch my makeup off. Now bear with me here, because whilst most people will think "yeah... gloss, alright...?", this is nothing short of a revelation to me. Hence why today's post will be me waxing lyrical.

The recent love affair is definitely not unrelated to the weather. In my opinion. there are few things that top off a super bronzed, glowy look as well as a slick of gloss across the lips. I was subbing in my more nude-y matte hues and somehow they all just looked off. The easy-breezy vibe I was trying to achieve went up a peg in maintenance and didn't look right on me.

I started just slicking on balm out of sheer laziness and frustration and once I started using the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream in place of lipstick, it all kind of fell into place. To me it immediately mirrored the kind of low-effort look you'd really be sporting for a jaunt at beach. After that I experimentally moved onto the serious stuff: clear, long-lasting sticky gloss. Pretty much most matte-lip-lovers' nightmare. I went for the Pat McGrath Clear Vinyl Gloss, which is currently unavailable but no different to a regular clear gloss. I applied a very light layer of nude lipstick, thoroughly highlighted my cupid's bow and applied the gloss over the top. The result was a gorgeous, high-shine lip that somehow still looked natural.

Now don't get me wrong, I was caught in a fair few gusts of wind whilst sporting the stickier gloss and wanted to literally rip my hair out. The high-shine life is not without its qualms. For now, however, I've decided it's worth it and am continuing on along with my lazy-lipped ways.

I'm fully aware that I've just written an unnecessarily long post about gloss, but the obsession is real. It perfectly unites my desire for a more natural looking lip and lack of interest in constantly reapplying lipstick in this sweltering heat. I've already started subbing in nude glosses and shimmery picks too. If you've been looking to par down your makeup a bit on a day to day basis, try ditching the lipstick and reaching for a gloss - the fade is painless and you can reapply without a mirror.

So there we go: potentially the most extra post I've ever written. If you're a fellow gloss enthusiast, help a recent addition to the club out and leave any recommendations below. I have a feeling my gloss collection is about to get a little bigger!

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