Friday, 11 August 2017

The Drugstore Brushes Everyone Should Own

It's not often I'll go out on a limb with brushes at the drugstore, since the majority of my ventures have ended up in me owning a collection of scratchy, essentially useless tools. However, I'm so enamoured with Wet 'n Wild that when I saw these brushes, which only recently launched in Zurich, I picked them up without much hesitation.

In short and said with brutal honesty they don't look particularly impressive. I picked them up with high hopes but low expectations, as synthetic brushes like these often turn out to be really plasticky or not able to really pick up product at all. Well, once I felt these brushes I knew there was none of that with these!

The first of the two I picked up is the Powder Brush. I really dislike using powder brushes that are either a tad too small or completely massive, because I'm lazy and like to use them for bronzer and blush in a pinch. Much to my lazy heart's joy, this brush is a fantastic multi-tasker: On top of applying powder, it's small enough to still do a decent job at applying blush and I can also use it to bronze up my complexion.

As I'm firmly of the opinion that you can never have too many eyeshadow brushes (I definitely might have too many), the second brush I picked up is the Small Eyeshadow Brush. I picked this up with the intention of using it to pack on eyeshadow and potentially for some light blending and I'm very satisfied with how it's worked for both.

In terms of the overall quality of the brushes, the synthetic hairs are soft and don't feel at all scratchy on the skin. I'm so pleasantly surprised by these because combined they cost all of $4! For the price point they perform absolutely amazingly and I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up a few more from this line, once I get the opportunity! If you're on the hunt for some affordable brushes, then I'd definitely recommend giving these a go! Have you tried any of the Wet 'n Wild brushes?

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  1. I've not tried any of these, might have to give them a go though x

  2. My favorite crease brush is from Wet n Wild and I got it at the dollar store, it's amazing! I'll have to try the face brushes as well x

  3. I wish Wet n Wild was more accessible in the UK, I have heard such good things - maybe one day!
    P x

  4. These are so affordable and they sound amazing, I just wish I could get them more easily in the UK. It's such a shame!
    Grace xx


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